Sunday, March 29, 2009

An update and....

STASH!!!! Guess what, DH has received our parcel from silkweaver. I asked him to try and send me a picture of my stash, but no.... He says am crazy!!!! :( It will be another month before I can get it.
Life has been really crazy of late. Work is extremely hectic. I have been returning from work only around 9pm whole of last week. I think that's how it's going to be the coming 2 weeks as well. Hope I will be able to complete the card I am making for DD's teacher. I have to complete it by the 8th!!!! :o
Thanks a lot for your comments on finishing forms. Ok, so I will settle for cardboard :d

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I think...

I have lost my mojo... Not just on the stitching front, but overall. Last weekend was sooo hectic, but when I turned back to see what I did.. well.. NOTHING!!!!!

Well, I did cook some palak paneer (spinach and cottage cheese) and that's about it. And I have been feeling so heavy lately, very sleepy, bloated... What's happening to me!!!!

I have no stitchy updates or pictures this time. Well, I actually do have a picture, but am yet to upload it to the system.
Hope to be up on my feet again. Wish me luck on that puullleeaase!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finishing forms

I have been browsing (AGAIN!!!) for other supplies. I found something called finishing forms. Can somebody please tell me how useful they are? How are they used?

And guess what I did when I was browsing. I fell in love with this pattern library on patternsonline.

I now just can't wait to get my order from silkweaver and get working on one of these paterns. Also, now my wait for the fabric is shorter. Coz I got a mail today that my order has been shipped. Am all the more impatient now.

This reminds me of Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) where he is really really impatient to get his beanie. It's a hilarious one.

Have a great weekend ladies. And stitch lots :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Guess what

I have ordered my fabrics from silkweaver !!! The waiting is the worst part of it. First DH has to receive it and then he has to return . This is going to be a real test for my patience!!!

This time I tried my hands at apple cinnamon muffins. This is again eggless.

This is while it was being baked. And...

here are the yummy muffins. Again, the aim was to make DD eat some apples. So, how best than to present it in a way she likes!!! But nope , she's much cleverer, my daughter after all . Anyways, it was real yumm.
On the stitching front, this is my progress on my bouquet.

Am going to make a card with this for DD's teacher. School finishes in the first week of April. And her teacher has been really sweet. Am sure DD would be delighted too :).

Thanks a ton again for all your encouraging comments :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The recipe

Thanks a ton for your comments :) Here's where I found the recipe for the granola bars. He has some amazing recipes for desserts. His pictures speak for him!!! Mind boggling collection of mostly easy-to-make recipes.

I have been progressing at snail's place on my new bouquet. I love the colours I am working with now. They are all so different and have not worked with this combination before.

So, that's how 'fast' I have been progressing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An update...

Well, are the days just flying by??? Suddenly, I feel I am doing a lot of things. Ok, so here's what has been happening.

First, I tried something new in the cooking/baking front. I tried my hand at granola bars, something healthy for a change. It was extremely simple to make.

This was how the dough looked just before the baking. As usual, not enough lighting :( And after the baking and cutting..... Voila!!!

Don't they look yummy!!! and they really were. It was a big hit at home and with DD too, which is the most important factor. The main idea behind making granola bars was to somehow get her to eat some dry fruits.

On this stitching front, here's my new WIP.

This is a mini-kit I had bought more than 3 years ago when we were leaving Singapore to return to India.

I found a new way to carry around my small WIPs. This is a ready-to-stitch tote that my friend and I ordered from a site. Here's a closer look at the design.

I stitched this about 4.5 years back, when DD was just a few days old. I found this design in one of the books in the Singapore National Library, don't remember the book or the designer :(. But this is one of my all-time favorites. This has just been lying around and I had no clue how to put this to use, till I started this kit.

I am simply loving working on this kit. The colors are sooo refreshingly different from that of the peacock!!! Sigh, the peacock!!!

Ok ladies, time to hit the sack. Have a great day. It's already mid-week, just 2 more days for weekend .

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hello Ladies

Wishing all ladies a very happy women's day!!! It is 00:12hours in India now. Just a quick post to wish all my blog and stitching friends a very happy women's day, before hitting the sack.

Today was quite a productive women's day eve. No, not in terms of cross stitch (wish it were). I was finally able to make it to the international handloom fair that's on here in Chennai. Bought blankets, cushion covers, bed covers and....., would the trip be complete without something for myself!!! YES, i bought a very pretty saree in a pretty green color and one for mom too .

In the evening, my search for a muffin tray ended at a store quite close to home!!! I was going to include that in my list to DH!!! I also found (well, actually bought too) where we get butterscotch topping, flaxseed powder, chocolate chip!!! Though I knew these were available somewhere in our city, had no idea where!!!

We celebrated women's day yesterday (Friday, 7th) at work. All women were asked to come in a sari and the best dressed woman was given a prize. We also had a few quick games. Though I do not have a picture of all women very prettily dressed, I do have a picture taken of the Rangoli that adorned our reception.

My picture does not do great justice to what it really looked like!! No celebration in India is complete without a Rangoli.

Oh and forgot to mention, I also bought a tin of circular altoids for a future project :d. So, one more to my stash!!!!

I plan to take my small work to MIL's tomorrow and work on it.

Some quick post this!!! Ok ladies, will bid adieu here. Have a ggrrreat day. Stitch loooots. As one of my colleagues told, PLEASE DO TAKE TIME OFF FOR YOURSELF THIS DAY!!!

Thanks a looot to all my dear friends for keeping me going.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My cost Cutting and a new start

As I am sure everybody is, I have also got into the cost-cutting act. I am packing lunch from home these days. That means, I have been cooking during weekdays . So, isn't that great. But I am a late riser, so do some semi-prep the previous night, to avoid the morning rush. What with getting DD ready for school too . Also, am trying to cut down on my visits to the parlor. Doing some pedicure at home more frequently, taking better care of my hair. I'm also trying to find these individual free-lance beauticians who come home and charge a lot less!!!

I have been ignoring the peacock royally . After the napkin, I have started on yet another mini-project. I will post a picture as soon as I take one.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I have an award

And that's my first . Thanks a ton Chiloe for this wonderful award. That's very kind of you.

As the norm is, I am supposed to pass it on to 5 people. I don't know who have received this award already, as I am relatively new here. So, here I go. I would like to give it to Meari, Yuko, Lynn, Carol and Andrea.

My computer has been refusing to allow me to upload any pictures from my handycam. Kept throwing a funny error. I just found (a few minutes ago) that the culprit was a software I had installed sometime last week while I had to work from home to babysit!!! Imagine a world without google!!! Can you imagine ? The problem has been driving me nuts for over 2 weeks!!!

And guess what, I got a gift voucher of Rs.1400/- from my previous team. Thanks a ton guys. And this is one of my favourite stores. So, do I need to mention more?? ;)