Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New Year with Cousins - Dubai 1

What better way to ring in the New Year than with our cousins who are also besties. We went on a vacation to Dubai last December and were there to celebrate New Year's eve. We were there for about 9 days and what fun days they were. After about 16 years, I got to spend some solid time with my cousins and it was just like our good old childhood days

We all grew up together (5 of us altogether) and are very close. Fortunately so are our kids, as they are just a year apart. The girls, being typical girls, were giggling for the smallest of things and that was totally infectious.

There is so much to write about the trip that I am going to do this in 2 parts. Here's part 1 in no specific order

The Dubai frame is a new attraction that was inaugurated on 1st January. 2 beautiful towers are connected by bridge. The bridge has a glass panel on the floor and we can walk on that.. and what a creepy walk that was!!

From the bridge we get a lovely view of both sides of Dubai - the old and the new. In fact I liked the view from the Frame better than from Burj Khalifa!!

My next favorite spot was the Global Village. This is a shopper's heaven. Shopaholic that I am, this is the best place to be able to get artifacts from across the globe under one roof. 

The Korea pavilion - a display of Korean dolls

Thai Pavilion - the girls with the soap carving lady there

A visit to Dubai is not complete without a visit to the actual Desert - yes the Desert Safari of course! The vast expanse of sand dunes, the squad biking, the sunset.. everything about this safari was just wonderful
Before going on the sand dunes, we stopped for the squad bike drive. Initially we were a bit scared, but later the experience was a whole lot of fun. Even the girls were able to ride the bike with great ease
The girls on a ride

We then went on to the actual drive on the dunes.. wow this was one roller coaster of a drive. Even on a roller coaster we know what to expect when. In the dunes, we never know as there's a dip all of a sudden
There was a stop for a few minutes to watch the sunset, which was the best part. I love watching and capturing sunsets. Each sunset is different and unique in it's own way!

This was one of the best views, with the vast expanse of sand and sun going down into the sand dunes

The lovely golden sunset

 ..and me trying to hold the golden ball!!

We then went onto what was called the 'tent' where there were several activities. In the center was a stage where performances were held and seats were setup around the stage in traditional UAE style. Finally this was followed by dinner

Let me stop here today friends. Will come back with more details and more pictures very soon. Till then.. Take care.. Be happy.. Enjoy every day of life.. Au Revoir