Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hello there...

How'r uuu doin??? I simply love the way Joey says that in friends!!! Wishing you guys a very happy valentine's day.

I know, I've not been in touch lately. Work has been crazy suddenly. I'm just getting into the grove of things in my new role. Am working in the European timing these days, that would be 1pm to 10pm IST. When I get back home it's about 11.30pm!!! I know, sounds crazy. And have to wake up at about 6am to get Vaishnavi ready for school. DH does pitch in wherever he can, but still am still getting used to the new routine. If I feel very groggy after Vaishnavi leaves for school, I sleep for about an hour before I get ready to leave.

Above all this, our laptop breathed its last. So, we had to get a new one and get it setup!!! We went in for a Dell Inspiron this time in pacific blue. I simply love it. I am still getting used to Windows 7 though. Especially windows explorer is very different.

Yes, you guessed it right. With the above schedule, I am just not able to think crafts. But I miss my needle and the beads a lot!!! I do take out my cross stitch design books and sigh over what alll I would love to do!!!

You know what, Vaishnavi asked me a question which has kind re-kindled my spirit for crafts. She asked "Amma, you have not done any cross stitch lately!! Why??" I definitely am much more inspired by this, and intend to start up something new. So, hope to give you some crafty updates very soon.

No, am not going to say no pictures again!!! I do have some.

I tried my hand at a new DIY dessert. One of the late nights I had a major sweet tooth. When I dug into the fridge, all I could find was 1.5 measly scoop of ice cream. So, here's the outcome.

1. Crumble some cookies in an ice-cream bowl. I used some mixed-fruit Karachi biscuits.

2. Add your favourite ice cream on top. I happened to have mixed fruit ice cream too.

3. I had left over chocolate icing. Warmed it up in the microwave. Poured over the ice cream and top it with cherries.

Voila!!! There's my just-mix-it-up dessert. And I should say it was real yumm!!!

Crafty pictures, you say? Yes, I have some of those too.
Just look at all the colourful beads I got. Again, there's a bit of reflection from the lights!!! But am simply itching to bead away!!!

And finally, this is my completed name board.

Unfortunately I have still not got my pictures framed. I just forgot about that till I got down to updating the blog!!! What a shame!!!
Ok am signing off for yet another crazy week!!! Till next time, au revoir.. take care...