Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Trip down New York..

That's right.. V and I visited my brother's family who live in New Jersey and spent our vacation with them

When the trip was finalized, I had already fixed my agenda of the few specific places I wanted to see and specific things that I wanted to buy. Top of my list was to visit NYC at least twice and visit the largest Macy's store there

We spent at least half a day and did not cover even a quarter of the store. I actually just realized that we did not even visit the children's section!! Wonder how V did not bother me about it at all

This picture below has a funny story behind it. While walking along times square we came across so many 'characters'. My brother did warn us not to click any pictures with them, else we would get rounded up and asked for money (and none of us had any small change). Apparently V did not gulp this down her throat (we realized this much later).

When she saw these characters she screamed 'Hey angry birds, minions' and rushed to them even before any of us had time to react. When we came out of the shock she was happily shaking hands with all  of them and was posing proudly in the middle for a picture to be taken. And I, like a robot just clicked while looking on in horror. After the picture all these characters were on me demanding 'mommy we need money'!! My brother and family had gone on a few steps ahead of us. When they turned around they saw this commotion and did not know what was going on. Finally they gave the smallest of notes they had and said bye to our dear friends!! Still when we look at this picture we shudder and then laugh at V!!

Next on my agenda was to buy all the berries I could as we do not get fresh berries (other than strawberries) in Chennai

Boy was I happy when I found all these berries. 

I had decided that I will not buy any more stitchy stash and that my next purchase will be only after I finish seashells and start off on the next project
Speaking of which, here's where I am with seashells

All I have now is to finish the sand and all of that is half cross stitch. And the back stitch. 

That's about it from me today friends. Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir