Wednesday, February 20, 2019

January Update

Feels like we just wished each other a happy new year and we are almost at the end of the 2nd month!!

January has been a very active month with..

The annual book fair
V and I picked up these books. We are trying out new authors and genres. I have been wanting to read more about Indian/World history. This book is my first attempt to start 
Pongal 2019 was a low key affair as it was only V and me this year. So, not much enthusiasm to cook up a feast

My dearest darling Kalima's annual Chennai visit - to get energized and soaked in pure love for 2 whole days. Fortunately this year I was able to take both days off 

Having been such an active month and a half, I could not find much time to stitch
I did start work on Summer Iris by Blackbird Designs. I am stitching this on 30ct linen with all the recommended threads
This is the first time I am working with 30ct linen and it's a little tricky.. I am having to wear my glasses while stitching, hehe. I can manage without the glasses for 28ct, but not for 30ct. 

So, that's the story at my end dear friends. More next time. Till then.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir