Monday, November 14, 2011

UK Expreience

Here I am dear friends, with updates from my UK trip. The trip was an official one, but I had a weekend to go around as much as I could and eat/see/BUY of course!!!

The first place I visited was the Victoria & Albert Museum. I had a whole list of museums suggested by colleagues, but I selected this mainly because of the William Morris artefacts that they had in the gift shop!! I was overjoyed, would I miss an opportunity to even have a look at all these beautiful things.
This is a very pretty handkerchief embroidered in Lucknowi (A place in India) style. Loved the intricacy and the detailing in the workmanship. This was one of the exhibits in the museum
This here is an antique doll. Look at the features on the doll's face, the gown!! Everything about the doll is so pretty. These were a few of my favorites from the V&A.

On Saturday, took the train to London Paddington to go around London. My eyes immediately fell on the Paddington bear store. I was spoilt for choices there. 
After a loong time, I finally bought these from there - a magnetic bookmark, a fridge magnet and a tin of mints. I also bought a book called the "Original story of Paddington", but V has it with her and so I was unable to take a picture of it.
As I had a very short time, I thought that the best option to see as much as possible of London would be a package tour. So, I took one of the open bus tours. 
That was the great bus that took me around London. It was great fun.
The last day of the weekend, I walked around Picadilly. I simply loved the life around the place. Then went to Hamley's to buy a few toys for V. I could not believe the number of toys there. I bought a few souvenirs from around Picadilly. As is my norm, I bought as many different kinds of magnets to add to my collection.
Apart from magnets, I also bought a few trinkets, like snow globes, scarves etc.
Now, how would a trip to any place be complete without visiting the local crafts supplies store. After great amount of googling and asking around I managed to find a crafts store in the same county as I was in. So, the day before I left, I went there to call my trip complete. Here are all the stashy goodness I bought.
 I thought these trimmings to be very pretty and would add a bright touch to our crafts.
 This shell pendant was so pretty that I could not pass it :)
 And yes, a pair of scissors too.
 As hard as I tried not to buy any more kits, I really fell in love with the bright colours.
This is a plain wooden frame. I thought it would be great to cover it with a cross stitch cover.

I had about half a day on the day I was leaving. So, I went to Windsor to look around the castle. There was not sufficient time to go into the castle, so had to be content by walking around and taking as many pictures as I could. The Windsor & Eton central station itself was a great place to shop.
The first store I saw here was the Little Box Company, that had sooo many of these pretty little things.

A very little cushion caught my attention here, and guess why. It was a Morris design!!! Was I not delighted. Here is the pretty little thing
And now that am back and life is back to routine, it's time to embark on my next project.
So, dear friends, that's about my experience in the UK. I definitely did miss V a lot, but I think overall it was a great experience.
Till my next post.. Take care.. Be Happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hi There.. Am back

Wow, it's almost a month since my last post!! I am just catching up with all that I've missed while I was away. Hope you all are doing great and have been stitching hoards :)
Now, I have sooo many pictures to share. Not just from my trip to UK, but also all the beading that I did.

I am thinking of splitting this post in two. So, this would just be updates on my beading
Here I go...

I did my best to format the pictures well, so that they don't look too cluttered. There was a charity event going on at my cousin's office. And she wanted me to make some jewellery to sell. These are a few of the pieces I made. Some I copied designs from what I made for myself earlier, so they are replica.

So dear friends, this is all from me for the day. Promise to show you all that I got from UK tomorrow.
Till then.. take care.. be happy.. keep stitching. au revoir