Monday, September 7, 2009

Some celebrations and some finishes

Let me start with the celebrations. Isn’t that always a nice way to start?

Guess to turned 5 this month. Of course, DD !!! And she has been planning for the past few months for her bday. We did not want to make it a big celebration, just family. So, she came with this idea of visiting the Sai Baba temple in the evening and then cutting the cake at home. Could anybody have made a better plan than this . And her new dress had to be a salwar kameez WITH DUPATTA!!!! And where did we shop for that. Where else but my favorite Fabindia . I am a great fan of that store. (And now DD too).

So, on the evening of 19th Aug we set off to the Sai Baba temple. This temple is set facing the beach on East Coast Road. A very quiet and peaceful place. There's our sweetie on her bday.
This was the only picture I have at the moment that was taken on her bday. And that's her salwar kameez!!

I had made Rava ladoo to distribute there. My idea was to bake a cake for her bday. But then, what is life without hiccups. My oven breathed its last!!! I was devastated . I could not bake a cake for my own daughter’s bday. But then, the cake we ordered turned out to be yumm and was a feast for the eyes as well.
Doesn't it look yumm. It was choco nut!!!

That weekend we all went out for a nice family dinner to celebrate many events together (SIL’s bday, my bday, brother’s bday and DD’s bday). We had a great time there.

The next was Vinayaka Chaturthi. We celebrated Lord Ganesha's birthday with MIL this year. Here is our little Ganesha.
And there is the Kozhakattai (Modakam) that we made. This was a joint effort by MIL and me. It came out real yumm this time.

Now for my finishes. First, I completed a full jewellery set this time, a necklace and a pair of ear-rings. They turned out much better than any of my previous finishes.
And after a long time, I do have a stitchy update. I have completed the purple pansy . This is the first time I worked on perforated paper. I just love the way the stitches fall in place. It’s so easy.
And guess what, I finally got my black material as well. So my next is to get some nice shade of variegated thread. Am so excited to start working on it!!!

So, that's about allllll my updates for the day folks. Till I see you next, bye bye, au revoir !!!!