Monday, January 18, 2010

New look

How do you guys like the new look? I suddenly wanted something nice and girly for the blog. And this one immediately caught my attention :).

Just realized that this also goes with the fact that valentine's day is soon approaching. Not that it is very significant in our lifestyle, but it's good to keep the spirit alive all the same.

I know you all must be thinking "WHERE ARE THE PICTURES"??? Bear with me for just a little while more. Have a whole lot of pictures to post

Till then, take care. Sayonara...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year

One can never be very late in wishing people a Happy new year!!! Well, that's what I have to tell myself for wishing you all so late!! Hope you guys had a great christmas and that the year started off in a great way. Wish everybody a very very Happy, peaceful, joyous, prosperous (well, everything nice and good and all you wish for or is good for you) 2010!!!

How was my year beginning??? Well, what a beginning!!! I really had a great entry into the year career wise. The last few months, I was without a project and trying to make my time as fruitful as possible. This new year, I am back into a project which I have already worked in before. And I think it might be good.

Crafty updates??? I do have quite a bit of those too. I got quite a lot of beads from firemountaingems. I got it shipped to a friend who was coming to India. Wow, what a collection of beads I have now. And guess what!!! YES, I did finish my name board last year!!! Isn't that great!!! I really feel great.

I doubt if I would be able to do any stitching/beading at all this month, with work and a whole lot of things coming up. Hope to catch on from Feb. And guys, sorry again for not posting any pictures at all. I do promise to post pic's of all my beads and my name board (hopefully framed).

Wow, I wanted to make this a quick update. Some, quick update this is!!! Ok guys, need to hit the bed now. You know what, these days am having to wake up by 5.30 to be able to leave home by 7.45!!! I am not able to believe this myself.

Ok then, take care and have a great, stitchy year ahead. Till my next post .