Monday, December 15, 2014

New Recipes and progress...

I have been quite irregular in the blogger world this year - updates wise and also on catching up on other blogs. I definitely intend to mend that and be more regular from now

There are a few new recipes I tried during the last few weeks, out of which 2 stand out.

A whole wheat pizza made from scratch. The base is so simple and does not require yeast.

I used 2 kinds of toppings - the classic tomato and minty toppings. I found the recipe in Nita Mehta's book - Italian cooking for Indian kitchen.

I have been wanting to bake something using pumpkin for a long time and here's what I made

It's an eggless pumpkin streusel bread. The basic recipe can be found here. I skipped the chocolate chip and used a streusel topping instead

The husband passed a comment - "Every Sunday if I open the oven there's something smelling great and looking yummy"!!! Yyaaayyy, now need I anything more motivating to keep baking

Now, best for the last - my progress on the seashells

I am really happy with the way things are shaping up here. The last few months I have been stitching every night and the results are obvious. I definitely intend to keep this up

Well, that's from me today folks. Till next time.. Take care.. be happy.. keep stitching.. Au Revoir

Monday, November 10, 2014


Today is the day when they held hands and started their journey of life together as a couple - 40 years back. That's right, it's my parents' 40th wedding anniversary today

We had a small celebration at home to mark the occasion yesterday and I baked an eggless red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting topped with chocolate shavings.

I got the recipe from the HBG group on facebook. This time I took some time to try and get the frosting as smooth as possible. I think it is much better than my earlier attempts, but a long way to go still

This diwali I tried a new healthy snack - oven toasted oats mixture

The recipe had come a while back in the Hindu newspaper. Here's what we do - mix together oats (I used quaker quick cooking), turmeric powder, red chilli powder, raisins, cashews, peanuts, curry leaves and salt. Mix till all the dry ingredients are mixed well. Drizzle some oil - I used olive oil, but you could also use vegetable oil. Toast in an oven pre-heated at 125 degrees for about 45 minutes. Stir at regular intervals to avoid the  mixture getting burned. Toast for longer if you think it's not cooked enough
As it has raisins it also satiates the sweet craving.. It definitely helped me

So folks that's it from me today.. Be back soon with more..

Till then.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching and baking.. Au Revoir

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A new recipe and progress

I just realized that I have not posted any updates in over a month!!

It has been a busy month and half here. My brother and family visited us during their annual vacation and we all had a lovely time. And when it was time for them to return, well it was like the whole month just flew in the blink of an eye!! That is the worst part of anything wonderful, isn't it - it always has to end..siggghhhh

And then the first term exams for V - this is the first time she faced an actual examination. All these years they just had a test which lasted an hour at the most. From this year they have started examinations. She gets to use the pen once school re-opens. Now isn't that a big milestone that children look forward to, she's totally excited - rubbing it all off on me as well :)))

Now for the new recipe I tried - paneer orange cake

I had a lot of home-made paneer which I wanted to use up in something other than the regular paneer dishes. I started googling for paneer cakes and found this absolutely easy recipe

Here's the link to the recipe. I used flaxseed powder in place of eggs. So, you might find that the batter is slightly thick. If that is the case, add milk little at a time till you get the right consistency

Here's my progress on seashells

As I said, I am making (very slow) progress. So one day V saw my "progress" and says "Amma how long would your blogger friends have taken to finish this picture"
Me - "Umm, maybe 6 months max" (of course I stretched a bit to defend myself, knowing what her next question would be)
V - "How long more do you think you would take"
Me - Totally blank expression.
Now how do I answer such a question?!!

So, atleast for that friends I take an oath to work on this vigorously and move on to the next project

Till next time friends.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep crafting.. Au Revoir

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My baby is a TWEEN!!!

Yes, she is 10 going on 11!!! I am unable to get over it, she's growing up.. or has she already?!!

We had a big family party to celebrate 3 birthdays that fall in August. So her actual birthday was a very low-key at home celebration.

I had a very adventurous experience baking her birthday cake. V's order was quite simple - a basic vanilla sponge with strawberry frosting. I had everything planned out perfectly and had the vision of a perfect looking cake. Now "Man proposes God disposes" right - so my perfect plan was not to be!! I started the baking quite early. A few minutes after the batter was in the oven I could smell something burning - of course it was my cake!! I realized only 25 minutes too late that I had started the baking in microwave mode and not in convection mode!!! Silly, stupid, **##@@** me!!!! So, I started from scratch all over again. This cake was just the perfect sponge
Next step - the frosting. My brother had got Wilton stamp set last year and I wanted to try that. But by this time I had run out of patience and did not work enough to get the smooth finish that is required for neat stamping. So, the stamping did not look neat. But all that matters is the taste - that's what I tell myself. My dad who's quite tough to please actually said "It is yummy and had 3 pieces" and V and her friend loved the cake too.

That's it from me today friends.. Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep crafting.. Au Revoir

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Oohh Caramel!!

That's right, I've been experimenting with various ways of using caramel

Last time you saw that I made some Dulce de Leche. Now we can't use everything up in one go. So, V was very curious to know how I plan to use the remaining

I found this yummy recipe to make brownies with Dulche de leche. Recipe can be found here. It was so irresistible that I could not wait for it to cool completely before unmoulding, resulting in a brownie crumble

There was some home made caramel from earlier, which I used as topping.

Enough of caramel, let's eat something healthy. I made Apple walnut custard tarts last weekend for dessert.

The tart shell was so soft and came out so well, I fell in love with it. Apple is not V's favorite, so it did not go down very well with her

Now as you know, seashells is progressing at snails pace, but yes I am making some progress there. I have decided my next picture will only be after I make some good progress

Till next time dear friends.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Trials 'n' Errors

I have been trying to get out of my comfort zone and try my hand at new things. Top most in my list is to make a perfect swiss roll. My best friend from college is an expert and she baked me a chocolate swiss roll for my birthday. Ever since then I have had this in my list, though I was not a very active baker then.

So, when I decided to break the shell, it had to be the swiss roll first. Of course, it was not a very successful attempt. The 'roll' broke, but fortunately into 4 symmetric logs

I made a faux roll out of it. I filled it with dulce de leche and topped with chocolate ganache. It turned out absolutely yummy. The cake was probably not moist enough causing it to crack. I am not giving up yet for sure

Next I tried a new recipe from my Eggless Cakes and muffins book by Nita Mehta - a spiced apple crumb cake.

My aunt visited us last weekend and she had requested me to bake something for her. I was extremely nervous baking for her, as she is an excellent baker. She is not one to flatter us with false praises, and gives very frank feedback too. I am happy to say that she just loved the taste and the texture of the cake. This is a whole wheat, no butter cake - so adds to the health factor too

Finally, dear friends, I have a picture to show you of my seashells progress

Do you see the little girl's bow shaping up? Isn't it a pleasure to watch things take shape as we progress

That's all from me today. Till next time.. Take care.. Be Happy.. Keep crafting.. Au Revoir

Monday, June 30, 2014

Cookies and Cheesecakes

I agree, I am definitely on a baking spree now. I found this super simple recipe for peanut butter cookies that I HAD to try in the BBC GoodFood magazine

It just calls for 3 ingredients -80g each of Peanut butter, butter, Icing sugar and 100g flour. Mix everything and bake.

I have been wanting to try a chocolate cheesecake for a long time and found this recipe on

The only problem I had here was with the fresh cream I bought. I did not get the brand that whips up real fast (milky mist), so had to make do with Amul, which is less fat and takes ages to whip up. V and I took turns whipping it. Here's the link to the recipe.

I have made some progress on seashells as well. Promise to post a picture next time.

With that friends I will close today's quick post. Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep crafiting.. Au Revoir