Saturday, March 17, 2018

Souk - Dubai 3, Sweet Summer

Last and Final part of our Dubai vacation!! A trip to Dubai cannot be complete without a visit to the Market aka Souk, as it's called. The spice and gold souks are located in old Dubai alongside the creek

When you are here, we feel as though we are at home. The are gives out a very Indian feeling, unlike the city, which is only high rise buildings and fancy cars. We get to see the original city here in old Dubai here

We took the metro to reach here. The metro station where we have to get off is also decorated in such a way as to reflect the traditional look of Dubai.. what were the original professions, trade etc are all reflected in the metro station here. Unfortunately I missed to take a picture of the station

We then walked to the gold souk first. I had no intention of buying any jewelry, yet wanted to see what it is like. As we were there during the DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival), the whole place was decorated and there were heavy discounts everywhere. A bright flash of yellow hit us as we entered the street

We got to see the world's largest ring here, as awarded by the Guinness records

I cannot dream of wearing any of these!!

From here we walked on to the spice souk, which is my calling!!

Nobody could miss the street, the smell itself would lead us there!! It was so divine for those who love spices
We got to see so many spices, many that we have not even heard of!!

Also there were these amazing cut glass work lanterns and other gift articles. I could only stare, take a picture and sigh over these as I was too scared of accumulating baggage and also because I was scared of breaking it in transit
From here we took a short boat ride on an old fashioned open boat

This model boat was outside the Dubai museum to indicate their traditional trade
That brings us to the end of our Dubai vacation dear friends.

On the stitchy front, I started on my next project - Sweet Summer by Lizzie Kate

That's about it from me today friends. Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Craft about.. Au Revoir

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Top of the World - Dubai 2

Hello dear friends. Continuing from my previous post 

Our next stop was, but of course, The majestic Burj Khalifa!! We had got a late night slot (the 10pm one) and wow we totally enjoyed it. Entrance to the Burj is through the Dubai Mall, which is also the largest mall in the world from the area perspective. As it was late night, there was no crowd in the mall and was quite peaceful. We enjoyed 'window shopping' through the closed stores, without having to meet the eyes of the sales people (wink wink)

This brief introduction of the Burj welcomed us. 

True to its words, wherever we go, this massive gigantic beauty catches our attention and makes us look at it in awe. We just cannot take our eyes away till it fades away from our view
This miniature caught our attention before taking the elevator

There are 2 decks - the top one is a closed one and the lower one an open deck. We loved the open deck with the cool night breeze and lovely sounds of the night
This picture was taken from the open deck with my daughter and cousin

It was midnight when we finally, halfheartedly, came back down to go home. See how quiet the dubai mall was 
These simple white paper snowflakes caught my eye. They were so beautifully done yet so simple

Last day of our trip was devoted to the most looked forward shopping!! My favorite destination is always the supermarket. I simply love walking down each and every aisle, looking at the various products. But when I reach the baking supplies, spices or frozen section my heart starts racing 

One such section is the Cheese Aisle!!

Just look at the different types of cheese available

Unfortunately, cheese is not something that we can carry back home :( I missed taking a picture of the spices section here. The whole area smelt heavenly with all the spices. I brought back some of the most common spices like Zatar, Sumac and Baharat

I just realized that I did not cover my trip to the Gold and spice souk. My next post will be dedicated to that

That's about it today from me friends. Till next time with more stories about Dubai.. take care.. be happy.. keep crafting about.. Au Revoir!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New Year with Cousins - Dubai 1

What better way to ring in the New Year than with our cousins who are also besties. We went on a vacation to Dubai last December and were there to celebrate New Year's eve. We were there for about 9 days and what fun days they were. After about 16 years, I got to spend some solid time with my cousins and it was just like our good old childhood days

We all grew up together (5 of us altogether) and are very close. Fortunately so are our kids, as they are just a year apart. The girls, being typical girls, were giggling for the smallest of things and that was totally infectious.

There is so much to write about the trip that I am going to do this in 2 parts. Here's part 1 in no specific order

The Dubai frame is a new attraction that was inaugurated on 1st January. 2 beautiful towers are connected by bridge. The bridge has a glass panel on the floor and we can walk on that.. and what a creepy walk that was!!

From the bridge we get a lovely view of both sides of Dubai - the old and the new. In fact I liked the view from the Frame better than from Burj Khalifa!!

My next favorite spot was the Global Village. This is a shopper's heaven. Shopaholic that I am, this is the best place to be able to get artifacts from across the globe under one roof. 

The Korea pavilion - a display of Korean dolls

Thai Pavilion - the girls with the soap carving lady there

A visit to Dubai is not complete without a visit to the actual Desert - yes the Desert Safari of course! The vast expanse of sand dunes, the squad biking, the sunset.. everything about this safari was just wonderful
Before going on the sand dunes, we stopped for the squad bike drive. Initially we were a bit scared, but later the experience was a whole lot of fun. Even the girls were able to ride the bike with great ease
The girls on a ride

We then went on to the actual drive on the dunes.. wow this was one roller coaster of a drive. Even on a roller coaster we know what to expect when. In the dunes, we never know as there's a dip all of a sudden
There was a stop for a few minutes to watch the sunset, which was the best part. I love watching and capturing sunsets. Each sunset is different and unique in it's own way!

This was one of the best views, with the vast expanse of sand and sun going down into the sand dunes

The lovely golden sunset

 ..and me trying to hold the golden ball!!

We then went onto what was called the 'tent' where there were several activities. In the center was a stage where performances were held and seats were setup around the stage in traditional UAE style. Finally this was followed by dinner

Let me stop here today friends. Will come back with more details and more pictures very soon. Till then.. Take care.. Be happy.. Enjoy every day of life.. Au Revoir

Friday, December 29, 2017

A finish to finish the year..

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas dear friends. Wishing you and your near and dear ones a brilliant 2018 bringing in loads of cheer, happiness, peace, health and wealth

Yes, that's right.. I have finished 'The BookShelf'.. YAY!! 
I started this at the beginning of the year, but progress was very slow. I could not stitch for quite a few months and picked it up yet again around August. Ever since I was able to make slow yet steady progress and here we are!!

My next project is going to be a Lizzie Kate
This was a limited edition from 2015, which I seem to have bought.

Having worked only on one project all through the year, there's not much from the ORTS

Signing off on that note.. wishing you a brilliant year again. See you soon in an all new year with all new stories

Till then, it's me signing off.. Take Care.. Be Happy.. Keep Stitching.. Au Revoir

Friday, October 13, 2017

Festival Season

Come August and all our favorite festivals begin.. Navrathri is the first biggest festival

Navrathri, literally translated as 9 nights, is a festival of the Goddess. Though Navrathri is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India, the basic belief is that the Goddess killed Mahishasura. This also symbolises that we kill the demon within by invoking the Goddess

In TamilNadu, the first 3 days we worship Goddess Durga - who symbolises Shakti (power); next 3 days we invoke Goddess Lakshmi - who symbolises prosperity; the last 3 days we invoke Goddess Saraswathi - who symbolises intellect/wisdom.

Many people setup a Golu, which is setting up dolls of Gods and Goddesses. This was our simple 5 step Golu this year
The Golu signifies human evolution. Fruits, vegetables are kept in the lowest level; then lower forms of insect and animals; then saints and other great human beings like Buddha; then the various incarnations of the divine

The above explain the spiritual significance very briefly. The other aspects of Navrathri include inviting women and girls over and honour them with small gifts and sweets. Slokas are chanted and devotional songs sung in the evenings in front of the Golu.
As the whole festival is about celebrating the Goddess, Navrathri is considered as the true celebration of women in India

Gearing up for Diwali next :)

That's the story tonight dear friends. Till next time.. Take Care.. Be happy.. Craft about.. Au Revoir

Monday, September 25, 2017


One thing that has amazed me in our crafty world is how selfless we become.. we share and give so much love without ever expecting anything in return

One such person who has always inspired, motivated and encouraged me from the day I started blogging is the multi-talented Meari. She is excellent in anything she does.. be it painting, carpentry, any DIY and of course cross stitch!! You can see all her works here in her blog

My brother had come from US for a short vacation and look what she sent for V and me through my brother

Three lovely sticker books and a cross stitch kit for V. Looks like I missed to take a picture of the kit

And a whole lot of goodies for me!!
I have been wanting to buy a Lizzie Kate for a long time and Meari just sent me one. Thanks a ton Meari for all these goodies..

There's a lot happening at my end here.. but that's it for today's post.. more next time. Till then.. Be Happy.. Keep Stitching.. Au Revoir

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some Reading

I have been trying out various genres of books of late. I recently realized that I love to travel. And reading travel books is one way to get to know places

I started with a book of our own Chennai.. to know our own history before moving to other places.

This was my first 'Travel' book. It appeared like a slow read to me, but learnt quite a lot about our own city

I never scored great marks in history, but my interest in knowing our past has been growing quite strong of late

This book gave me a very good insight into the Mughal period and I finally can now recap which emperor is whose son.. can I appear for my history exams now.. hehe
There is such detailed description of the jewels and clothes worn by the women.. it has now triggered my interest to visit the Taj Mahal even more

For some reason or the other I never got to read a P.G.Wodehouse till now. While browsing through the various sections in the library I came to this section and picked a book in random, going by the cover of course

I loved the book and still wonder why I never read a Wodehouse till now. Anyway, am happy atleast now I read one

I am reading an Indian mythology series currently and am loving it so far
This book is the first of the 'Krishna series' and takes us to the period prior to Krishna's birth. The main character in negative role in this book is called the 'dark lord' which sounds like it has been inspired by Harry Potter. But the overall book is good so far.

So.. that's it from me today friends. Till next time.. take happy.. Happy crafting.. Au Revoir