Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some Reading

I have been trying out various genres of books of late. I recently realized that I love to travel. And reading travel books is one way to get to know places

I started with a book of our own Chennai.. to know our own history before moving to other places.

This was my first 'Travel' book. It appeared like a slow read to me, but learnt quite a lot about our own city

I never scored great marks in history, but my interest in knowing our past has been growing quite strong of late

This book gave me a very good insight into the Mughal period and I finally can now recap which emperor is whose son.. can I appear for my history exams now.. hehe
There is such detailed description of the jewels and clothes worn by the women.. it has now triggered my interest to visit the Taj Mahal even more

For some reason or the other I never got to read a P.G.Wodehouse till now. While browsing through the various sections in the library I came to this section and picked a book in random, going by the cover of course

I loved the book and still wonder why I never read a Wodehouse till now. Anyway, am happy atleast now I read one

I am reading an Indian mythology series currently and am loving it so far
This book is the first of the 'Krishna series' and takes us to the period prior to Krishna's birth. The main character in negative role in this book is called the 'dark lord' which sounds like it has been inspired by Harry Potter. But the overall book is good so far.

So.. that's it from me today friends. Till next time.. take happy.. Happy crafting.. Au Revoir

Thursday, July 6, 2017

A birthday, More beading and some baking

A very special person celebrated her birthday last month.. yours truly - wink wink! I have not been baking for a while of late. Ever since V started baking, I took a step back and allow her to bake. This time I had to get that mojo back again and decided to bake my favourite - brownie of course.

It's a choco-mint brownie with candied peel. I had been wanting to try this combination in a brownie ever since I tasted Orange Lindt. I used some home made mango ice cream as topping

V and I have been beading a lot

 This is a bracelet that she made for herself. The chunky parts are from Michaels

I have been trying some bold patterns too. These are ceramic beads and really heavy

One of V's creations 

That is all friends from me today. Till next time.. take care.. Be happy.. Craft About.. Au Revoir!