Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Giveaways and a PIF

I wanted my pictures to be the next post, but as I had to keep a few promises, here I am with yet another no-pictures post.

I just came across these lovely giveaways at Kathy’s blog. She is celebrating her first bloggoversary. CONGRATS Kathy.

And as promised to Lynn, here I am with my PIF. Anybody interested for the PIF, please post a comment for this post alone. The winner would receive a gift from me in the next 365 days. Also, the winner needs to agree to carry on the PIF by paying it forward to somebody else. Am all excited about my first PIF.

All my holiday pictures and crafty (beady/stitch) pictures are ready to be uploaded. Hope to do so very very soon.

See you all soon with loads of pictures and stories to go with them :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Diwali wishes

A quick post to wish everybody a very very Happy Diwali!!! Wow, I am so excited. This definitely is the king of all festivals I should say. The spirits are so high right now.

The bursting of crackers started about a week ago. DD is having a ball. She is beginning to get the hang of bursting crackers now.

We are going on a very short trip tomorrow night to Coimbatore to attend a wedding. We have also combined it with a visit to all the uncles and aunts who have moved to Coimbatore.

I owe you all a very very big/long update. There's soooo much to update and sooo little time. I am yet to upload allll of my pictures.

Guess what, I have received my first PIF from Lynn . It is soooooo pretty. This is my first ever cross stitch gift and I will treasure it for my life. I cannot express in words how important it is for me. Thank you soooo much Lynn!!!

I promise a picture-y update next. Till then, a very happy diwali again.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Back after a nice long vacation

I am just back and refreshed after a nice long vacation to the northern part of India. To be more precise, I am just back from the capital of our country, Delhi. DH could not accompany us and had to drop out in the last minute. So, it was just DD and me. We stayed at my cousin's place.

We were there during the entire Navarathri celebrations. So, golu this time was at my cousin's place.

On the crafty front, I do have a couple of finishes on my beading and a new stitchy start. That's right, I have started (though not a great amount) on the name board . I promise to post all pictures during the next week.

I am dead tired after a real long day. So, going to hit the sack right after I shut down and say bye bye. Till then....