Friday, October 16, 2009

Diwali wishes

A quick post to wish everybody a very very Happy Diwali!!! Wow, I am so excited. This definitely is the king of all festivals I should say. The spirits are so high right now.

The bursting of crackers started about a week ago. DD is having a ball. She is beginning to get the hang of bursting crackers now.

We are going on a very short trip tomorrow night to Coimbatore to attend a wedding. We have also combined it with a visit to all the uncles and aunts who have moved to Coimbatore.

I owe you all a very very big/long update. There's soooo much to update and sooo little time. I am yet to upload allll of my pictures.

Guess what, I have received my first PIF from Lynn . It is soooooo pretty. This is my first ever cross stitch gift and I will treasure it for my life. I cannot express in words how important it is for me. Thank you soooo much Lynn!!!

I promise a picture-y update next. Till then, a very happy diwali again.

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Meari said...

Happy Diwali to you!