Friday, October 2, 2009

Back after a nice long vacation

I am just back and refreshed after a nice long vacation to the northern part of India. To be more precise, I am just back from the capital of our country, Delhi. DH could not accompany us and had to drop out in the last minute. So, it was just DD and me. We stayed at my cousin's place.

We were there during the entire Navarathri celebrations. So, golu this time was at my cousin's place.

On the crafty front, I do have a couple of finishes on my beading and a new stitchy start. That's right, I have started (though not a great amount) on the name board . I promise to post all pictures during the next week.

I am dead tired after a real long day. So, going to hit the sack right after I shut down and say bye bye. Till then....

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Lynn B said...


Have you not received the pay it forward yet, I sent it two weeks ago? I am getting worried now!