Monday, July 11, 2011

More Stash!!!

Hello dear friends, hope you have all been very busy with.. well life and loads of stitching :) I definitely have been busy, but very little stitching. For some reason have been very tired of late. So kind of low on the crafty mojo. Anyway, am just taking it as things come, a day at a time.

I did do some baking. I looove cinnamon rolls. I just can't have enough of them (whenever I do get them). So, I did some browsing on various recipes and with my friend's help, found this recipe on Epicurious. Here's the outcome

I know, it does not look very "rolly", and it was not the dripping roll. It was much harder than it should be. But well, it did taste of cinnamon :)

I had some of the cinnamon "filling" left over from the rolls. I did not feel like venturing again into the rolls yet. So, decided to use them up in cookies.
They came out real yummm. I added some raisins to make it slightly chewy.

Now for my stitchy update. As I said, I did not do much stitching. This is all I could do in aaallll these days.
Am loving working on this. Just love the combination of the fabric and the thread. Am using 18 ct Aida and black anchor thread.

And now, for the best part.. S.T.A.S.H!!! Yes, I bought more stuff from ebay!!!
I always loved blue and white stuff and fell in love with the pattern right away. Got both along with the shipping for about 19USD :d

I have a vision of dedicating a wall in our apartment to cross stitch. Planning to call it the cross stitch wall or maybe crafty wall. Also, going to start stitching seasonal stuff and change displays around the house according to season. This is just a vision. The rate at which I stitch, I might take a life time doing all this. LOL!!

That's all the news from me for today. 
Till my next update..Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir