Monday, April 25, 2016

Mangoes and Desserts

There was a challenge announced by a Facebook group to create desserts with Mango and we could submit as many entries as we wanted. I usually never participate in culinary challenges, but this one was totally irresistible. This was sponsored by Rena Germany. If not for winning, I just wanted to participate. These were my entries:

Mango Kulfi:

Here's the recipe:
 ingredients (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml):
2.5 cups almond milk or cow's milk
2.5 cups mango puree - approx 3-4 large sized alphonso mangoes can be used
¼ or ½ cup sugar - depends on the sweetness of the mangoes. so adjust accordingly.
4-5 green cardamom crushed or ¼ tsp cardamom powder
a pinch of saffron/kesar
12-15 unsalted pistachois - blanched or soaked, peeled and sliced. keep some for garnishing
2 to 3 tbsp almond paste/almond meal or khoya/evaporated milk (optional)
21/2 or 3 tbsp rice flour or 2 tbsp corn flour dissolved in 3 tbsp almond milk or regular milk
take saffron and almond milk in a pan.
heat on a low flame. just let the almond milk come to a gentle heat. don't boil the almond milk.
if using cow's milk then simmer on a low flame for about 15 to 18 mins.
add sugar. stir till the sugar has dissolved.
dissolve the rice flour in 3 tbsp milk.
add this rice flour paste to the milk. keep on stirring so that no lumps are formed.
cook on a low flame. stir in between.
continue to cook till the mixture thickens. switch off the flame.
add the almond paste/powder/meal or khoya/evaporated milk. stir and let the mixture cool.
add the mango puree, chopped pistachio slices and mix well.
pour mango kulfi into serving bowls or kulfi moulds. freeze for 8-10 hours.
serve mango kulfi cold and sliced with topped with saffron, sliced pistachios, cardamom powder

The 2nd one was a sugarless Mango brownie topped with Mango mousse. Now this was very interesting as I am trying to cut down on the sugar and also the hubby is diabetic!! So, this was a must try

Here's the recipe

Mango brownies
To Be Sieved Together
1 cup plain flour (maida)
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
a pinch salt

Other Ingredients
1/4 cup melted dark chocolate
1/4 cup mango pulp
1/2 tsp mango essence
1/4 cup olive oil
2 tbsp crushed almonds (badam)
2 tbsp chopped chocolate

Combine the olive oil, melted chocolate, mango pulp and essence in a deep bowl and whisk well using a hand beater.
Gradually add sieved flour mixture and whisk well.
ADd the remaining ingredients and consistency with mango pulp or water only if required.
ADd the chocolate pieces and almonds, mix well and pour in the greased cake tin and bake in a pre-heated oven at 200 degree Celsius for 40 minutes or till cooked.
Cool on a wire rack and cut horizontally into 2.
Garnish it with mango pieces and whipped cream.
Serve it immediately on sizzling plate with cold vanilla ice cream.
sprinkle some roasted almonds and chocolates pieces on vanila ice cream.

Mango mousse recipe
ingredients (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml):
2 medium size mangoes, chopped
½ cup thick cream
1 tbsp honey or 1 tbsp sugar (I used honey) - ad more or less for your preferred sweetness

in a blender, add the mangoes and honey.
blend till smooth.
now add the cream and blend till smooth.
chill the mousse in the refrigerator for some 20-30 minutes or more.

With that I wind up my post today folks!! Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep crafting.. Au Revoir!!