Monday, May 24, 2010

Finishes and a New Toy!!!

Hey Guys, am soo excited. Any guesses on the reason?? Well, I've (finally) got myself a new toy. Check this out
Isn't it a beauty!! Well, am no stitching expert and so this really is like a toy to me. Am reeaaally excited. Have been waiting to get myself a sewing machine for almost 4 years now. The wait is finally over.
Vaishnavi has been busy too during holidays with her kind of craft.
DH had bought these plain wooden magnets (a magnet freak that I am) from Michael's last year during his trip to the USA. She tried her hand at painting them. I left the colours to her choice and here they are. I know it's not much, but then something for a start ;)

About my finishes. Here are a few jewellery finishes.

And that's not all. YES, I have a stitchy finish. My first finish in 2010!!
Now, to gather the remaining materials required to properly finish this into a needle case.
Thanks for all your lovely comments :) It really is very encouraging to see comments on a post and I value each suggestion/comment.
Till next time...Have a great stitchy week.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pictury Update

I finally have some pictures to show you all!!!!
Here are the peacock and carnations framed

I Plan to put up the peacock in our study and the carnations in the dining room.

The carnations came to me half done, passed down by my cousin. It was a no-count kit from anchor and I had a great time working on it. Doesn't it look really grand framed??

Yes, I love it too :)) Much more than the peacock.

And guess what, I finally have a new start.

I plan to finish this into a needlecase. This would be my first project which I am not framing and making into a picture. Quite nervous about it. I plan to use the tutorial posted by Meari in her blog here for the finishing. I do not have a sewing machine yet. So, hope hand stitching would do.

So, this is my pictury update for now. And do leave behind your comments/suggestions. If you think I can do something better in ay of my projects do let me know. Would love to hear from you.

Till my next update, so long....