Sunday, June 28, 2009

Updates and a new hobby

Yes, that's right, I have taken up another hobby now. Of course, cross stitch is definitely my favorite any day. My new hobby is making beaded jewellery!!!
My first attemp was to try making a pair of ear-rings. And Voila....

Would I sound extremely conceited if I say I am proud of my own achievement ?? Please say no!!! Vaishnavi wore it to a birthday party and she did look pretty . My next plan is to make a necklace that goes with the ear-rings.

I baked some banana muffins this time for a change.

They turned out real soft and yumm. This has been the yummiest of muffins so far. And guess what, one of my team-mates at work has asked me to bake some banana muffins for her this weekend . Is that not great???

But sadly, DD did not like the muffins . My main idea of baking these were to make her have fruits atleast this way (in a hidden form). Now, what else can a mother do . I am totally at a loss now.

Now, on the much awaited stitchy front, well the only update is that I got much better quality gold thread for the peacock yesterday. Have not done any other stitching. Life has really been getting on the way!!!! I promise that my next update would be to say I have completed the peacock really and post a picture of it!!!

Till then... . Have a great weekend.
P.S: Thanks a lot for keeping me going!!! It is extremely encouraging to read your comments.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Missed you..

I have reaaaalllly missing my blog friends a lot!!! It has been almost a month since I sat down to check my personal mails and to update my blog and get in touch with you all!!!

But then, what have I been doing?? Thinking back, feels like quite a lot. On second thoughts, actually nothing?? Oh, whatever, time really has flown. Ever since DH returned, we have been very busy catching up and spending as much time as possible with Vaishnavi during her holidays. And now, her school re-opens on the 11th. I feel like I am going back to school after my vacations!!!

I have been baking quite a bit of cakes. I tried my hand at some frosting and some decorations. My first attempt with writing something on a cake was SIL's birthday (this was her first bday with our family).
It came out pretty legibly for a first attempt. And this time the cake was nice and fluffy too.

Well, on the stitchy front, you know what? I discovered that all the work I did with the gold metallic thread on the peacock are coming undone!!! So, I have to re-do them now. Fortunately for me, there's not much with metallic thread. I am going to replace it with Gold colour thread from anchor.
So, next time, I promise to post a completed picture of the peacock. Till, then, so long...