Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Trip and Summer Lessons

We got back from a wonderful vacation about 10 days back. This year we picked Singapore, a place very close to my heart for many reasons. My first trip to a foreign country was to Singapore in 1999, my husband and I began our journey here and V was born here as well. So, very close to my heart. We went back there after 10 years.. to see our old haunts and visit people and new attractions. What a lovely vacation this was.. my most memorable one

This summer, V and I discussed how to keep her occupied and decided that we would do something different and not the regular summer camp. So we rounded on daily life skills - baking, basic sewing etc.

First was a cake that V baked from scratch. She has been my little elf all along.. mixing the batter, stringing beads etc. This was her first ever cake baked from scratch - an orange chocochip cake

It turned out very moist and soft.

I have not been stitching on seashells the last 2 months, but I have reached the half-point. The first page of the chart is complete and I have begun the second page, yayyy!!