Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mark this

Hello dear friends. Hope everybody's been doing well and have been busy stitching. Am back after a short break, well just from stitching!! Work has been crazy the whole of February till date and my crafting has taken the obvious back-seat :(

But then, here I am with my update. Yes I do have a fresh new start to report!! This time am working on a book mark as promised. I decided to use a freebie that I found in some site while looking for free designs. Ok, let me share pictures
A closer lookI am using anchor equivalents of the suggested DMC. Initially, I started working on a pre-finished book-mark, but later found that it would look better on perforated paper.
After working so much on this design, am really loving the way its turning out and can't wait to finish it.
Ok, time to sign off now. Till my next update, happy stitching.. Take care.. Au Revoir

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And... Voila!!!

Am sure you must have guessed what I meant in my subject!!! Yes, I do have a finish.. my first one for the year.
Am really really happy that I have a finish within a month of the year's start!!! Have always been slow and this finish has given me a lot of encouragement.

Now, I need to get some stuffing and fabric for finishing it into an ornament. Tell me something, would cotton do for the filling? What other material is used normally?

Am soo sad that an art and craft supplies store that was very close to my house has closed down!!! That was so handy. I need to find an alternative. We have so few stores in India who sell craft supplies. Really wish we had a Michael's here!!! I love that store. Siiiggghhh

Another store that I really wish were in Chennai is, The bath and body works. Yummm. Though we do have so many others now, nothing is close to b&b!! I love that store too. Hmmm.

So much for my wishful thinking now!! Last week I had a wonderful 2.5 days in the divine presence of our own Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi).

Ooh, what an energizing 2.5 days they were...

Now I have to select my next project. I have a few patterns for a bookmark. I also have a kit (bookmarks) by dimensions. But I do not feel like picking it up yet. Probably would go in for something from the freebie gallery I saw yesterday. Liked a few bookmark patterns that I saw yesterday.

Ok, that's from me for now. Till my next update.. take care.. Keep stitching. Au revoir.