Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A new recipe and progress

I just realized that I have not posted any updates in over a month!!

It has been a busy month and half here. My brother and family visited us during their annual vacation and we all had a lovely time. And when it was time for them to return, well it was like the whole month just flew in the blink of an eye!! That is the worst part of anything wonderful, isn't it - it always has to end..siggghhhh

And then the first term exams for V - this is the first time she faced an actual examination. All these years they just had a test which lasted an hour at the most. From this year they have started examinations. She gets to use the pen once school re-opens. Now isn't that a big milestone that children look forward to, she's totally excited - rubbing it all off on me as well :)))

Now for the new recipe I tried - paneer orange cake

I had a lot of home-made paneer which I wanted to use up in something other than the regular paneer dishes. I started googling for paneer cakes and found this absolutely easy recipe

Here's the link to the recipe. I used flaxseed powder in place of eggs. So, you might find that the batter is slightly thick. If that is the case, add milk little at a time till you get the right consistency

Here's my progress on seashells

As I said, I am making (very slow) progress. So one day V saw my "progress" and says "Amma how long would your blogger friends have taken to finish this picture"
Me - "Umm, maybe 6 months max" (of course I stretched a bit to defend myself, knowing what her next question would be)
V - "How long more do you think you would take"
Me - Totally blank expression.
Now how do I answer such a question?!!

So, atleast for that friends I take an oath to work on this vigorously and move on to the next project

Till next time friends.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep crafting.. Au Revoir