Friday, September 24, 2010

Crafty updates

Here I am with a whole lot of crafty updates :) Am very happy to writing this post as it is going to be very crafty after a real long time.
So, let me start with the cooking. I tried my hand at Peanut butter cookies and carrot cake (both eggless of course).
Vaishnavi and I tried some recycling. We made a pen holder out of a curd container.
The idea of using shapes was Vaishnavi's. So, we made it a geometrical themed one :)
Next, and finally, a stitchy update. YES, I do have a stitchy update this time!!!

I started working on the Victorian Lavender sachet that I just got from cross stitch center. Am loving every bit of it.
I get about an hour a week to stitch. But these days I manage to put in a few stitches every day before going to bed. So, am quite happy with the progress am making.

Thank you for your lovely comments. It's very encouraging to see a few comments every time. So, till my next update, so long, take care :)