Friday, December 31, 2010

Wrapping up 2010

Well friends, here we are.. It's time to wrap up yet another year.

Looking back, I think it was a good year overall. And as far as my crafty finishes go, I think it was not bad at all!!

I managed complete my very first proper finish this year - The needlebook and the Lavender sachet. There were a few beading finishes too. I was not able to use the sewing machine this year. Definitely hope (should I say resolve?!!) to put it to very good use.

I managed to finish a pair of ear-rings last night. Wonder what got into me to start beading at 12.15 at night!!
I really love the way it has come out. This is another finish I had not shared with you all earlier.

This is a bracelet and a pair of ear-rings I made sometime last month.

With that it's time to wrap up 2010. Wish you and your dear ones a very happy, joyous, prosperous and stitchy 2011.

Till we meet next time.. take care.. enjoy the new year with loved ones.. Au Revoir..

Monday, December 27, 2010

Start for a new start!!

Hello dear friends. Am late in wishing you all a merry christmas.
Hope everybody had a lovely wonderful christmas with your families.

As we enter yet another new year, as always, I hope to make the most of it. As promised earlier, I plan to start the year with an ornament for Vaishnavi with a V.

I downloaded a few patterns from some of the free sites and showed the shortlisted ones to her. This is what she has settled on.
She wants this to be done in blue. This is a colour I've not worked much with. So, am definitely looking forward to a completed ornament soon. As this is a one-colour project, am hoping this would not take time
So, till my next update, take care.. keep stitching.. Au Revoir

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank you very Much

Firstly, thank you all for your encouragement and comments :) This is really very encouraging for me to keep going.

You know something? I FORGOT MY BLOGGOVERSARY!!!! How could I do that?! It was in November and I remembered a good 2 months later :(

Anyway, I really cannot believe that I've managed to post on the blog for 2 years. Thank you all again for all the encouragement from the bottom of my heart.

I have now decided on my next project to be. It would be an ornament for Vaishnavi's room with her initials. She wants it to be done in blue. So, am looking for a nice pattern of the letter V. Hoping to find something soon.

There's a lovely christmas giveaway by KittyCat. Do check it out

Till my next post (hopefully with a new start).. Take care... Au Revoir :)

Monday, December 13, 2010


Finally, I have a few proper finishes!!! Yes, no wonder am excited!!!

I have never properly finished up any of my cross stitches other than getting them framed or made them into a greeting card.

So, now am really really happy to finish off the year with TWO new finishes. I managed to finish up the lavender into the sachet.
Isn't it a beauty??!! I really enjoyed stitching it and finishing it. After seeing this, Vaishnavi wants one for her room/wardrobe!! Am planning to oblige her.

I was really really nervous while finishing it up. But am really impressed with the way it turned out. Now am much more confident of taking up projects that involve a proper finishing :) This is what was really blocking me from taking them up. I realized that they are much faster too as the projects are small. And we have sooo many ways of finishing projects up usefully.

Having said (well, blabbered) all that about finishing, here is my second finish.

And this is the inside

I used the tutorial from here. The instructions were very easy to follow. Thank you for the very clear instructions Meari :)

I think that I could have definitely done a much neater job. But am happy that it has turned out as it has. Not bad for the first time. I used some cotton for the padding. So, while I turned the inside out after sewing up the sides, they kind of got rolled together. Took me some time to straighten them out. I also stitched up the sides with my hand as I am not confident with my sewing machine yet. Am thinking of making some lace with black and gold thread for the edges to dress it up a bit.

So, those are my finishes for 2010!!! Please please do leave your suggestions/feedbacks for improvements.

Till my next post, take care... Au Revoir... Happy stitching...