Monday, March 22, 2010

A Giveaway

Nima is celebrating her 100th post with a giveaway. Do visit her blog. She's an amazing crafts woman :)
Great going Nima and good luck

Where have I been!!!

Well, you must be wondering if I am still around!! Very much and definitely alive haha.

Life has now almost settled around the new routine, except that I just am not able to pick up my linen, needle and thread!!! I did manage to do some beading. Mostly coz, it is pretty fast to finish.

This is the project in which Vaishnavi participated in her school project. The entire project was about how our education imparts values to our daily lives. Other subjects that were covered were culinary skills, computer science, arts and crafts, drance and drama, english literature, mathematics..... It was amazing to see so much talent.

Vaishnavi spoke about God and that there is God in every thing we do. It was great to watch these small kids performing so well without any stage fear.

Yes, just one crafty picture for you today :(

I love this and made it to go with a black and mustard saree of mine.

I have decided to make a picture for Vaishnavi's room next and have asked her what she wants. She has selected 6 pictures of flowers!!! I just asked for one picture!!! But they are all small patterns. But with my current routine, wonder how fast I can finish. And this year, I owe a gift too!!! Should I set deadlines or should I not stress it out??

Ok guys, see you all very soon with atleast a stitchy start in hand and more beady updates. Till then, take care.