Sunday, August 16, 2009

Harry Potter, Krishna Jayanthi and a finish

I have soooo much to update you all. So, let me do that in the order my title goes!!!

V got to watch her first movie in the cinemas last weekend, yes as the title says it, she watched Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince. Here she is all excited at the cinema hall, just before entering.
Well, it is supposed to be scary for a 5 year old to be watching. At least, that's what we'd assume if we had read the book. But what a disappointment, the movie did not at all do justice to the book !!! Boy, I really was disappointed. Anyway, coming back to V's first movie experience. After we were settled down in our seats (the movie had started by then), her first question to DH was "which channel is this running on" !!!! And then she was curious to know why it was so dark inside, was it still day?? This was just the beginning. This was why I had taken DH along (to answer her questions) . I think he did a decent job of that, though he was not an avid follower of Harry Potter. Now she wants to watch every movie !!!!
We celebrated Krishna Jayanthi (Lord Krishna's birthday) on the 13th of August. This is normally celebrated in the evening as Lord Krishna was born at night. As usual, any Indian festival is incomplete and has to start with a Kolam. Specially for Krishna Jayanthi, we draw small feet. This starts at the entrance of the house, right till the altar where we do our Pooja.
This is to denote the Lord entering our house and going to the altar.

The Lord loves butter and aval (flattened rice) the most. Apart from these, we make seedai. This is made both salty as well as sweet. The basic ingredient is rice flour for this.
So, I made aval Payasam (a pudding/kheer made out of flattened rice). Mom had made the batter to make appam and she had already made the Seedai.
Now to the more interesting parts . Guess what, I have added some stash to my beads collection!!! Here they are.
And here is the new necklace I made with some of the new and some of the old beads.
This is not a perfect finish. I am not completely satisfied with it . I think the 2 layers should have more distance between them. Any suggestions/ideas please??
I am yet to get black material for my name board !!! I have been behind the crafts store manager for more than 10 days now. So, I have decided to do something small while I wait for him.

This time, I am going to try working on perforated paper. Wish me luck!!! I have zeroed in on the purple pansy from The Cross Stitcher's bible. It's a very cute, quick design. Hope to get started soon.

On the cooking front, decided to try my hand at some starters this time. So, tried making Corn Cutlets. I found the recipe from one of Sanjeev Kapoor's books.

It was an instant hit. And was not a big hassle to make too. I did not deep fry it as the recipe suggested. Just cooked it on the tawa till the sides were brown and cooked.

Phew, that was one big update. See you guys soon with more. Till then, have a great week ahead .

Monday, August 3, 2009

My next project

Today I got a surprise day off. Well, the cause was that V (DD) fell sick and she did not want me to go to work. Was I not happy to oblige !!

This is how I used my day off. I decided on what I am going to do next . A name board for our apartment !!!

I found a beautiful alphabet pattern generator here. This is what I generated.

My idea is to use a black fabric and use variegated thread. Any other suggestions on how this can be done?

Have a great week ahead