Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Water water everywhere...

Yes, Chennai is flooded everywhere. It has been raining everyday ever since 6th November, and it's not mild showers!! Schools have been closed for over 15 days now.. all lakes full and overflowing.
On one of the days when there was a dry spell, V and I were so bored that we drove down to the marina beach to see how it looked.. there was water till the road.. here's a snapshot

We took this picture from the footpath!! We could not make out the beginning of the sea or end of sand!!

Thanks to being stuck at home, I tried my hand at some of the recipes that have been on my to-do list for quite a while

Egg-less quiche. I could not believe how simple it is to make. I substituted spinach with corn. Here's the recipe

V's bestie had come down to visit from Mumbai and it happened that her birthday is just a week later. V and I baked this cranberries-cherry cake to celebrate her birthday in advance

Thanks to all the time I got at home, I made quite some progress on seashells
This is a picture taken last week, I made little more progress since this was taken. As I get closer to the end am just unable to put it down!!

So friends, that's the story from my end today. Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Yes.. the festival that everybody looks forward to the most all through the year is over!! Some parts of India celebrate Diwali today. Wishing all my friends here a very Happy, prosperous Diwali

I do not know how many do this, but as soon as the annual holiday calendar is released, first thing I check for is Diwali. This is one festival that I look forward to each year from the beginning of the year. Even thinking about Diwali brings so much joy and happiness. And just like each year, Diwali is over in the blink of an eye.. sigh!!

I tried a new sweet this year - Maalpua. It's a north Indian sweet dish. These are basically crisp pancakes made out of refined flour and milk, soaked in sugar syrup. I wanted to make this a diabetic friendly sweet as majority of my family members are diabetic - the husband, dad and mil. I got the basic recipe for Maalpuas from here. For the sugar syrup I used Sugar Free Natura and used the recipe from here. It was a big hit with everybody - except me :( I did not like the taste of sugarfree, but the hubby, mil and my dad just loved it!! I thought it left some kind of a bitter after-taste

On the stitchy front, I have a picture to share my progress.

With only a month a half more to the year, I am sure I cannot finish this project in 2015. But I am pretty sure that the day is not very far when I share a 'completed' post!!

So, till next time.. Take care.. Be Happy.. Keep Stitching.. Au Revoir