Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

Wishing all my dear friends here a very Merry Christmas

I am part of this group on FB called the Home Baker's Guild (HBG in short). The group has a whole lot of lovely people baking from home and willing to share their experiences and guide novices like me as we travel the baking journey. All my recent baking has been majorly inspired by the lovely people here.

And here's some more baking that I tried inspired by the beautiful Christmas baking. First off is the snow ball cookies aka melting moments
This was so super easy to make and the result is just absolutely awesome. I am definitely going to bake more of these. The recipe source is here

I also made a maiden attempt at a Christmas fruit cake.

I brought some of this to work and the pieces just vanished within minutes. I cut down the sugar by half a cup and I thought it was good. The link to the recipe is here. Both the recipes are eggless and very easy.

It's a great pleasure sharing our joy with everybody and looking at other's faces isn't it? Baking and crafting just makes us so much more generous. I have absolutely started enjoying baking and beading for friends and family. Gives us a feeling of total satisfaction.

Though I do not have a stitchy progress picture to share with you all yet, I have definitely started working in seashells again. And I promise to show a picture of my progress in my last post for the year

Oops, I missed my bloggoversary again!! Dec is my bloggoversary month and thanks to all my lovely friends here I have completed 5 whole years of blogging!!! I cannot believe it myself that it's been 5 years now since I started the blog and along the way I've made so many new friends, learnt so many new ways and the blog world has made me a much more confident crafter. Thank you all again my dear friends for guiding me and keeping me motivated. Hope to know more and more people and learn much more.

With that note of thanks I sign off today. Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So much baking.. still no stitching!!

Dear friends, I have been very quiet again this last month. Neither have I posted nor kept myself update with the happenings around here. I have been missing you all terribly, and promise to catch up soon. 

So, here I start with all my baking expeditions. 

I have been wanting to try my hand again at trying to bake a bread loaf with yeast. Ever since I had a not-so-successful attempt at making cinnamon rolls with yeast, it has been intimidating me. Finally, I got over that and decided to move out of my comfort zone. Here's the herded bread I baked a few weeks back for breakfast

The house smelled heavenly for a very long time. 

The norm in the home front these days is to have a new dessert every weekend, and mostly Fridays to kick off the weekend with a bang. Last weekend it was Cherry-Lemon "cheese" cake. Only I did not use cream cheese, but whipped cream.

Got the recipe from a Jamie-Oliver show. I had bought a bottle of lime curd a while back and wanted to use that up before it expired. The base was ginger-nut biscuits and pounded hazelnuts. The combination of flavors was absolutely wonderful and a must-try

Last but not the least, the cottages are all done up!!!

I have no idea why this picture is turned, the original is not. I am not able to rotate it :( But anyway, aren't they all beautiful. This has been a wonderful project to work on. I have started working on seashells again the last 2 days. Hope to share some pictures of progress next time

Well, that's it today from me friends. Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir