Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mark this

Hello dear friends. Hope everybody's been doing well and have been busy stitching. Am back after a short break, well just from stitching!! Work has been crazy the whole of February till date and my crafting has taken the obvious back-seat :(

But then, here I am with my update. Yes I do have a fresh new start to report!! This time am working on a book mark as promised. I decided to use a freebie that I found in some site while looking for free designs. Ok, let me share pictures
A closer lookI am using anchor equivalents of the suggested DMC. Initially, I started working on a pre-finished book-mark, but later found that it would look better on perforated paper.
After working so much on this design, am really loving the way its turning out and can't wait to finish it.
Ok, time to sign off now. Till my next update, happy stitching.. Take care.. Au Revoir


Lynn B said...

Hedllo Akila,

I hope you are well? Do you remember the question you asked me about no reply? I found the answer for you, here is the link to the instructions.

Kind regards


Meari said...

Your bookmark looks nice, Akila. I'm looking forward to seeing the finish :) Have fun with your shopping!