Sunday, June 28, 2009

Updates and a new hobby

Yes, that's right, I have taken up another hobby now. Of course, cross stitch is definitely my favorite any day. My new hobby is making beaded jewellery!!!
My first attemp was to try making a pair of ear-rings. And Voila....

Would I sound extremely conceited if I say I am proud of my own achievement ?? Please say no!!! Vaishnavi wore it to a birthday party and she did look pretty . My next plan is to make a necklace that goes with the ear-rings.

I baked some banana muffins this time for a change.

They turned out real soft and yumm. This has been the yummiest of muffins so far. And guess what, one of my team-mates at work has asked me to bake some banana muffins for her this weekend . Is that not great???

But sadly, DD did not like the muffins . My main idea of baking these were to make her have fruits atleast this way (in a hidden form). Now, what else can a mother do . I am totally at a loss now.

Now, on the much awaited stitchy front, well the only update is that I got much better quality gold thread for the peacock yesterday. Have not done any other stitching. Life has really been getting on the way!!!! I promise that my next update would be to say I have completed the peacock really and post a picture of it!!!

Till then... . Have a great weekend.
P.S: Thanks a lot for keeping me going!!! It is extremely encouraging to read your comments.


Meari said...

Nice earrings :) The muffins sound yummy.

nima said...

good start with beading....

you can add some vanilla flavour to the that little one will enjoy it....