Thursday, July 6, 2017

A birthday, More beading and some baking

A very special person celebrated her birthday last month.. yours truly - wink wink! I have not been baking for a while of late. Ever since V started baking, I took a step back and allow her to bake. This time I had to get that mojo back again and decided to bake my favourite - brownie of course.

It's a choco-mint brownie with candied peel. I had been wanting to try this combination in a brownie ever since I tasted Orange Lindt. I used some home made mango ice cream as topping

V and I have been beading a lot

 This is a bracelet that she made for herself. The chunky parts are from Michaels

I have been trying some bold patterns too. These are ceramic beads and really heavy

One of V's creations 

That is all friends from me today. Till next time.. take care.. Be happy.. Craft About.. Au Revoir!

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Meari said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Your brownie looks yummy. Just love the bracelet V made!! You two have been busy creating. :)