Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello, after aeons!!!

Hello everybody, I know it's really been aeons since I updated my blog last!! Life has really been a whirlwind of activities. Unfortunately though, none of the activities involved anything crafty, leave alone stitchy :(

I really have been missing my beads and cross stitch. But I do follow many of my favorite blogs and leave comments whenever I could.

Today, when I signed in after ages to finally update the blog, horror of horrors, my background had been moved!! So, am being forced to change the background now :)

Hey guys, guess what. I've got S.T.A.S.H!!!! YIPEE!!! Check this out.

My friends and I have been eyeing stuff on for over 3 years and we finally ordered!! I finally have my first Janlynn kit. I plan to start on the Victorian lavendar first.

So, guys hope to update you with a lot more stitchy/crafty updates in my next post. Thank you all for being patient with me. It's very encouraging to see your comments. So, do leave me all your comments :) Till my next post, adieu... Take Care


Lynn B said...

Thankyou Akila for the lovely comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!

Meari said...

Congrats on the new stash! I have the little girl one (chart only) in my stash collection. Looking forward to seeing some progress on a WIP :)

Ninu said...

Oh!!so many crossstitch kits.. good luck!!happy stitching