Friday, January 21, 2011

Did I speak too soon??

...About sticking to "A-stitch-a-day"??!! Because have been sooo tired the whoole week. And I've not been able to pick up my stitch at all.

What can be worse, but that when I did pick it up last, I realized that I had made a mistake right at the tooop of the right hand arm of the V!!! So, had to frog out the entire right arm!! How frustrating!! Have not picked it up ever since.. Work has been really crazy and by the time I reach home am ready to crash in bed.

Hope to make up for all the lost time during the weekend. Wish me luck guys. And hope you had a much more productive week than I did.

Till my next update.. Take care.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir


Meari said...

Sorry to hear the froggies came to visit. Did you get to stitch?

Lynn B said...

Hi Akila,

Thankyou for your comment, I have included you in the give away - good luck!

I hope you are well? I could not respond directly because your email is set as no reply.