Monday, April 18, 2011

Holidays and shopping

Hello friends. Hope you've all been busy crafting/stitching :) Well, I've done absolutely none. But then it's the summer holidays and school has closed. We went on a short trip to Bangalore.

It was a great trip with site-seeing and shopping, of course!! What trip is complete without the shopping :)

We started the trip with a trip to one of the new malls in Bangalore. They were celebrating their first aniversary.

Found a store there that sold these lovely trinkets. I got some lovely magnets to add to my collection.
They had displayed a similar wall hanging and said they did have a magnet. Spent about 20 minutes looking for these!!! I really loved them.
Am sure you can guess why I bought the "Toys" magnet - yep to humour V. But isn't it cute too :)

Day 2 started at the zoo. The zoo is very famous for the wild animals being free. We have to take a ride on the grand safari to see the wild life.

A wild elephant welcomed us first by blocking our way. Or should I say, we were in its way to have a drink!!??

Then came the lion(es)s!!!

They were so close that we could have touched them

And then the tigers. But the tigers were not set free as you can see. Probably because they are restless souls

The icing on the cake was to evidence a peacock dance LIVE!!! It was the best thing ever

I could not get a better shot :(

I have heard that peacocks dance when it rains with happiness. But the sun was high up shining brightly. Wonder of wonders that same evening there was real heavy downpour!!! Isn't nature amazing!!

Well, that's all from me for now. No stitchy update from me today. Hope to show you a finish in my next post.

Till then.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stiching.. Au Revoir :)

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Meari said...

Oh, the zoo is so fun!

You have a magnet collection? You should share pics of your entire collection. :) Would love to see!