Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A wedding, baking and a finish!!

Hello my dear friends. I have been bad and not updated the latest happenings for a few weeks now. There was just too much going on. So, here I go..Let me start with the wedding.

Sep 11th was my cousin's wedding. And what fun we all had. It was a great family get-together after many years. Uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews.. everybody enjoyed alike.

And the kids especially had a gala time. It was good to watch them have so much fun. Took me back to my own childhood days and how we all used to enjoy weddings. Ok, now for some pictures.
Vaishnavi wanted "long hair" for the wedding. So, here she is with her hair all braided up.

That's me (first on on the extreme left wearing the brown saree with the purse) with all the cousin sisters, showing off our brand new sarees :)
I baked a chocolate cake for my cousins for the mehendi ceremony. Decided to try my hand at some icing. So, made mint icing.

I used fresh cream for the topping. I saw in a TV show that if we beat fresh cream it becomes nice and fluffy where it just stays as a "peak". But am not sure if I did not beat it enough. It was quite runny. Tasted yummy though.. Would like to try this fresh cream again and get it right. Any suggestions or ideas please on how to go about this?
Another cake I baked was for my dad's birthday. This was again a chocolate cake.

This time I tried Coffee butter cream frosting. Came out yuuummmyyy...

And dear friends, yes I finally have finished Welcome!!! Isn't that absolutely great.
I simply love the way it has turned out. Love the way the black stands out of the fabric. I can't wait to get it framed and put up at home. Am definitely going to do this again later as a gift
I do not think I am going to start on a new cross stitch project just yet. I am going to concentrate on some beading for a while before taking up a project.
So, dear friends that's it from me for the day. Thank you sooo much for your continued support and comments.
Can somebody help me with showing how to reply to a comment? I do not see the "Reply" icon below comments left. Tried to read up help, but am sure that I am missing something.
Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir


nima said...

lovely to se the lon hair of vaishnavi...i remember how much i loved long hair when i was a kid and now i cannot even think of maintaining

your cake looks yummy....i'm not an expert in this....but i do icing ...beat it when the fresh cream is cold and do use cold bowl...i usually keep the pack of cream and bowl in the fridge before beating..

blogpost do not have reply option for comments...i have tried to google about it...and there are some html codes available online for it...but it works only on certain i have not tried it fearing of messing up...just google about can find the code

Edgar said...

How lovely everyone looks!!! I am sure it was lots of fun -

I agree with Nima - everything has to be ice cold - beaters and bowl - when you beat cream. You just keep beating until it gets stiff - it can take a few minutes, but well worth the time.

Your finish is just great!! Congrats.

Meari said...

Beautiful photos from the wedding. You all look beautiful.

Congrats on your finish. Love it!

As for the peaks, you do have to beat cream a long time and keep "testing" for peaks by pulling the beats out of the frosting to see if peaks form. It's possible, though, to over beat too.

Hopblogger said...

Congratulations on the wedding!
Beautiful colors for the sari's.
Yum-yummy cake.
Thank you for wanting to see photo's of my dollhouse that was published. I will be posting some pics on my mini blog when I get some free time. Below is the address.