Monday, October 15, 2012

Collections and a cottage swap

This has been an over-pending post for quite long. Today am going to show you the crazy collections I have made over the years.

First is the huge collection of stickers I made during my school/college days

There used to be this really small stationery shop near our place in Hyderabad, in a very residential locality. You would not even notice the shop existed unless you looked hard. But the kind of fancy stationery they stocked was awesome, especially in those days. I used to be crazy about collecting stickers and they had a huge variety of them, types which would not even be available in the Archie stores. The collection started building when I was in standard 10 and went on till my college days. How my mother used to freak out. Not that I spent all my pocket money on it. I always had a budget for this kind of expenses and never exceeded it, though it would appear as though I spend a lot.
Last night, while I was hunting out all my magnets, I "stumbled" on these stickers. After looking at them for a while, I decided to pass on the legacy to V. Boy was she thrilled to suddenly be showered upon with so many great looking stickers.

Next is my even-now-building magnets collection. I started this from my first trip to Singapore back in 1999 mainly because, I wanted a souvenir from each place I visited (I was obviously optimistic that I was going to travel around the world), and magnets occupy the least space. Then it went on to not just places I visit, but anything interesting.
As of today, these are the magnets I have collected.

The mural right in the middle is the latest addition, as of last saturday. I bought this at a craft expo we visited over the weekend

I have a few more at my mom's place. And there's this very pretty blue and white magnet set, which I bought at Metropolitan museum of art in 2001. Also, one that I bought of King Tut at the Philadelphia museum of art. I know they are in one of my suitcases, but unable to find which one :(

I started work on July cottage, but stopped now. Because I decided to do a "cottage swap". India Independence is celebrated in August, and there's a provision for a flag in July. So, the July design would be August and hopefully an Indian flag (if I manage to design one) and August design would be used for July. I hope this works

With that my friends I take leave from you today. Till next time.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir

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Meari said...

It's so weird that you posted about your magnet collection. I was *just* thinking about that before I clicked to your blog. Wondered if you ever received the box of magnets I sent you last year... I'm guessing not?

My niece collected stickers when she was a little girl. I've got a ton of stickers in one of my desk drawers. Do yo think V would like them?