Thursday, March 1, 2018

Top of the World - Dubai 2

Hello dear friends. Continuing from my previous post 

Our next stop was, but of course, The majestic Burj Khalifa!! We had got a late night slot (the 10pm one) and wow we totally enjoyed it. Entrance to the Burj is through the Dubai Mall, which is also the largest mall in the world from the area perspective. As it was late night, there was no crowd in the mall and was quite peaceful. We enjoyed 'window shopping' through the closed stores, without having to meet the eyes of the sales people (wink wink)

This brief introduction of the Burj welcomed us. 

True to its words, wherever we go, this massive gigantic beauty catches our attention and makes us look at it in awe. We just cannot take our eyes away till it fades away from our view
This miniature caught our attention before taking the elevator

There are 2 decks - the top one is a closed one and the lower one an open deck. We loved the open deck with the cool night breeze and lovely sounds of the night
This picture was taken from the open deck with my daughter and cousin

It was midnight when we finally, halfheartedly, came back down to go home. See how quiet the dubai mall was 
These simple white paper snowflakes caught my eye. They were so beautifully done yet so simple

Last day of our trip was devoted to the most looked forward shopping!! My favorite destination is always the supermarket. I simply love walking down each and every aisle, looking at the various products. But when I reach the baking supplies, spices or frozen section my heart starts racing 

One such section is the Cheese Aisle!!

Just look at the different types of cheese available

Unfortunately, cheese is not something that we can carry back home :( I missed taking a picture of the spices section here. The whole area smelt heavenly with all the spices. I brought back some of the most common spices like Zatar, Sumac and Baharat

I just realized that I did not cover my trip to the Gold and spice souk. My next post will be dedicated to that

That's about it today from me friends. Till next time with more stories about Dubai.. take care.. be happy.. keep crafting about.. Au Revoir!!

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Meari said...

Great photos! Do the cheese stores there offer tasting samples like they do here in the U.S.?