Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just a day

Before we bid good bye to year 2008!!! How fast the year has flown.
I hope to see the end of my Peacock atleast in the year 2009. I have been working on it almost daily the last few weeks, if only putting in a stitch or two. I will post a picture of my progress soon.
I am already thinking of my next project. I have accumulated quite a bit of stash over the years. My stash mostly consists of patterns and charts. I do have a couple of kits that I ordered online. I have never worked on any ornament. So, most probably, my next project would be an ornament.


Chiloe said...

First to follow and first to comment: isn't it nice ? :-D I'll add you to my google reader !!! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

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Have fun and happy New Year !!!

Aishwarya said...

ornament as in the ornament in common terms???? WOW!!! i'm soo looking forward to it.. mebbe, i can help u with other-than-cross-stitch stuff so that u finish off the peacock project n get strtd with dat one :P