Friday, January 2, 2009

Am I thrilled

Chiloe made my day and has given me a great start to the year!!! Thanks a lot for that Chiloe :d. I am sure inspired enough to move at a greater speed now with my peacock.
Also, thanks for showing me how to personalise my blog. Was clueless how to do that.

On the peacock front, I definitely did quite a bit of stitching the last 2 days, but yet to take a picture of the progress. Though I am not officially enrolled with the Let's stitch SAL, I try to stitch during those hours.

Have a great weekend and lots of stitching. Chiloe, thanks again and Wish you and your loved ones a very very happy 2009

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Olenka's Stitches said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I like your Peacock and will be looking forward to seeing it's WIPs.
Happy Stitching!