Friday, January 23, 2009

Almost a week...

Since my last post. Amma's visit went off very well. As we are not allowed to take any pictures of Amma herself, I just managed to take a picture of the archway that was put up at the entrance of the ashram.

In Her 2 days' visit (21st and 22nd), Amma gave darshan to about 40,000 people. Amazing, isn't it. Wonder when I get to have Her darshan next!!!!

Now, back to our world (the material, mechanical one)!!!! I tried baking a cake on Sunday. Though I have baked the sponge cake umpteen number of times, I wanted to try the Swiss roll (is that what it is called?) this time. So, I just baked a very thin base. But unfortunately, the oven was at a higher temperature, and the base got a bit harder than it should have been :( So, decided to make (and call) them, chocolate fingers .

And finally, and update on my progress with the Peacock. The movie that kept me company this time was Erin Brockovich. Loved the movie and the stitching.
You might not be able to make out too much of a progress, as most of it is in ivory shade.

I just can't wait to finish the peacock and get on with my next project. Still thinking what to take up next .


Carol R said...

Hi Akila

Thank you for commenting on my blog.

I thought I would drop by and say hello. I love your blog look and your peacock is wonderful. It's interesting to read about your customs and see your dishes - sweet pongal looks delicious!

Vaishnavi is a very pretty little girl.

Lynn B said...

Hi Akila
Congratulations regarding the PIF from me! Please leave me your email address on my blog and we can talk via email, I won't publish the message when you send it.

Love the peacock by the way!

Meari said...

Way to be creative with Chocolate Fingers! Were they good?? :D