Monday, January 5, 2009

WIP and Stash

These are 2 kits, co-incidentally, both from dimensions, that I had bought on my first trip to the US in 2001!! This is just part of my stash. I have perforated paper, aida, coasters..... The list just goes on. Considering the color patterns in both, I guess I am going for the bookmarks next. I have 2 reasons for selecting that.
1. I love the colors
2. This kit has some speciality stitches in it too. Would love to try something new.

And finally a picture of my progress on the peacock.

Most of the branches are done now. I need to do some more filling in and the back-stitch.

Also, I managed to make Gulab Jamun (an Indian sweet) last night. Of late my cooking had dropped to almost zero, except the weekends. So, now do I have 2 resolutions for 2009? That I would do more cooking, more stitching and less shopping?

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Neha said...

nice work.. U look Artistic..