Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Am still around

But again no stitchy updates :( Work is going to be very hectic the whole of this month. And today I had a small argument with my boss :( I hate to argue, but had no choice today.

Last sunday was vaishnavi's school anniversary day. The little ones did an amazing job. But the arrangements made by ther school were pathetic!!! The hall was overcrowded with no seats, air-con was very poor, we were all totally suffocated!!! I could not take any pictures as the school management requested us not to take pictures and that the school would send us a copy from their album.

Summer holidays start from the 8th of April. Am looking for some music and dance teachers. Vaishnavi is showing some inclination towards both music and dance. Hope she enjoys her classes.

Hope I have some stitchy updates in my next post.

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