Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's raining...


Ok, first an apology for having disappeared this long. So, here's what has been happening. As you all know, Vaishnavi's hol's are going on now. So, weekends are really busy and filled with activity (nope, nothing cross stitch)!!!

Let me do this in sequence. I bought a cycle for V. Boy, was she delighted . Initially, she was only pedalling it half way, then in a day she gained confidence to go around the apartment on her own.

We then went to the local museum. We just visited the children's hall. We did not want to tire the kids out.

That's one of my best friends with the kids. Don't they (all 3 of them) look cool .

Now, what do all these have to do with cocoa raining ??? I have been baking chocolaty stuff like crazy lately. Last weekend I made this express no-bake "brownie". Everybody just loved it.

This weekend I made chocolate chip muffins and chocolate cake with the frosting et al. I even shaved a few pieces of chocolate on the glacing!!!

Oh chocolate.. hhmmm .

And guess what, I have a new follower !!! Welcome Kim and thank you for joining my blog. Hope I am able to hold your interest.

DH is still not back. I am desparate to get my stuff. And he's refusing to even send me a picture of the parcel. Isn't this cruelty .

It's wednesday, just 2 more days of work and I am all set for my break .

Ok guys, hope to see you all very soon. It's mid-night, let me read my book. Oh I did not tell you that I borrowed Mistress of Spices from the library. So, I am half-way through it. I never knew that our spices had so many powers in them till I read this book. So, let me have my glass of cold cocoa (yes, cocoa again!!!) with my book. Doesn't that sound heavenly. Yes, this definitely is the part of the day I very eagerly wait for!!!

Good night guys and take care.

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Meari said...

That's a LOT of chocolate-y goodness :D