Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Summer vacation

The mercury level is constantly raising and it's getting unbearably hot . With great difficulty I am restricting the usage of air condition to only the night. Neither I nor Vaishnavi have any appetite. And with the onset of the oh so yumm mango season, we are feasting on mango milkshakes .
I have also taken a break from work for about 12 days . And guess what, DH is returning this weekend after successfully completing his assignment too!!! So, guess who's excited!!!! Finally I get all my stash !!! We have not broken the news yet to Vaishnavi, we plan to surprise her by taking her to the airport and see how she reacts .

These holidays, we are trying to revive one of our age old games, called pallankuzhi, by teaching it to Vaishnavi. My mom's the teacher!!!

This game has many benefits physically and mentally.

Physically, it is very good for the nervous system. Coz we have to hold the shells or tamarind seeds (these are used as coins in this game) in the palm and also drop them one each into each of the holes in order.

Mentally, it increases our analytical and calculative skills. Coz the final aim of the game is to accumulate as many shells as possible. The person with maximum shells is the winner. So, we have to calculate which hole to start the game from, so that we have maximum shells.

An amazing game if we know the rules.
Of course, Vaishnavi also has her usual role play games, which she loves to play on her own. Today was one such day, when she played cashier and....

guess who was extremely sleepy . Must have been one big boring day at the store!!!

On the stitching front, I did manage to pull out the peacock and put in a few stitches. But I want to finish my book first. Have always noticed that I just cannot stitch when I have a book to read!!! But have not read a good book for sooo long, so am I excused ?

Ok guys, meet you all soon with updates on my stash .


Meari said...

LOL, I *love* that pic of your daughter sleeping. Rough day at the storefont, LOL

nima said...

wow..this reminds me our summer vacations at my mom's place...
i have a vague memory of playing this game there, i think with manjadi kuru...
My mom also sit like this...reminds me of my mom, she is also a retired teacher.