Sunday, December 6, 2009

A few celebrations

We happened to have a couple of celebrations the last week.

One was our festival Kaarthigai Deepam. This time I tried making Pori with mom's help. All these years I only made appam and never ventured near Pori as it involved making jaggery syrup. I am slightly nervous making that. But it turned out to be a simple process and not all that time consuming.

Pori is made with puffed rice. We get various types of puffed rice. For Karthigai, we make the balls by mixing 2 types in jaggery syrup, which are Nellu Pori and Aval Pori.

The most important part is the lighting of lamps.

The significance being that, the month of Karthigai (as per Tamil calendar) is supposed to be inauspicious. So, by lighting lamps the entire month, we drive away the evil and bring home light. On the full moon day that falls in the month of Karthigai, we light many more lamps at dusk.

The second celebration that we had was MIL's 60th birthday. Though we normally don't celebrate birthdays in a big way, as it was her 60th b'day we decided to make a surprise visit. I had bought a beautiful Orissa silk saree in cream and copper-sulphate blue colour. I took the day off and baked a chocolate cake. Vaishnavi was extremeley happy with helping me decorate the cake.

It was her idea to add the cherries. So, while I cut the cherries in half, she decorated the cake with them. I added a few sprinkles. MIL was too happy with the gifts and the surprise. Doesn't it always feel nice to make others happy and see the happiness on their faces. Nothing can be more satisfactory than that.

You know what, out of the blue one day Vaishnavi said "Amma, you have stitched Vaishnavi and have not even started Akila. Go and do it now" !!! Of course she was talking about the name board. Now, do you think I would sit idle even with this. So, out came my project again after weeks!!! I am almost done with Akila (sorry folks no pictures of that yet). Hope to finish the project by year end and get that framed along with my peacock.

Of course, I made quite a few neck-hugging necklaces. Pictures in my next post for sure.

Meari wanted to know how to make samosas. You can find the recipe here

So, with these updates, I am signing off. Till my next update...

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Meari said...

Thanks for the recipe link! Your recent cooking ventures look scrumptious as well. Looking forward to your stitching pics :)

P.S. You definitely wouldn't like the snow so much if you had to deal with it on a regular basis, lol. Today is very very cold (-2F feeling like -15F). Brr!