Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Updates and progress

As usual, there's sooo much to update you guys on. Wondering where to start, ummm . Ok let me first start with the small gathering we had at home in honour of my cousin's family visiting India.

My cousin, settled in New Jersey is currently visiting India for his annual vacation. As the visit is very short and they would be in Chennai just for a couple of days, I had a gathering of all relatives currently in Chennai. You see ours is a pretty large family. So, going around and meeting people would be a problem and extremely time consuming. We decided not to do any cooking at home and order some small eats from outside.

Except for the choco muffins, we ordered everything else. I could not take any pictures in my camera as I had run out of batteries. I will upload some pictures of the gathering once my uncle forwards his.

I made a small gift tag for my cousin's wife.

I got the design from "Cross Stitch Silhouettes". The card got slightly damaged while I was trying to punch a hole in it . But it was too late to re-do the finishing!!! Please, can you guys give me some suggestions as to how to finish it better??? Punching the card itself is not the thing, but how do I match the hole in the card and place a hole at the right place on the stitched piece? Also, what tool do I use to make the hole on the stitched piece??

And, yes this time I do have a picture of my name board too

Keeping my fingers crossed to meet my deadline of finishing this by year end and have it framed .

I start on my new project at work tomorrow (err, today)!!! Please do wish me luck.

Am sure, the christmas spirit is really high all over. Hope everybody has great fun getting ready for the day. Till my next update, aurevoir..


Diane said...

I use a Crop-a-Dile to punch holes and set eyelets in fabric, cardstock, and lightweight plastic. It works wonderfully on linen. I bought mine at scrapbookpal.com, but it doesn't look like they currently ship to India. Srapbook.com looks like they ship internationally, but their prices are much higher. :( Perhaps you'll be able to find a retailer locally.

Meari said...

I use a crop-a-dile, too. All that food looks yummy!