Thursday, November 25, 2010

Festive and crafty updates

Hello there. Hope you are all doing good. Since this is my first update since Diwali, thought I'd start with my diwali updates.
For the sweets, I decided to try atleast one new sweet, as it was also DH's wish. So, tried my hand at Chocolate walnut burfi (recipe - courtesy Sanjeev Kapoor). It turned out very well. Also made gulab jamun to satisfy Vaishnavi.

The mixture was a savoury made by mom. And there's Vaishnavi in her Diwali dress
She sure looks sleepy still, doesn't she? Well, it was about 6am when this was taken and she was up by 4.45 or so!!

This time my tailor spoilt all my diwali clothes (ahem, yes I did have more than one!!)!! The blouse was terribly lose and he decided to make them extremely trendy with cap sleeves and reaaaaall low back (or should I say no back)!!! Excuse me, I am not a fashionista going to the oscars!!! And my salwar kameez were all really lose!! I was terribly upset. Luckily I happened to have a saree which I had not worn earlier and wore that on Diwali morning.

Vaishnavi escaped an accident by a fraction of a second. She was lighting a flower pot and we asked her to wait for one of us to finish ours to be with her. The flower pot had already caught fire but she did not notice it. She being obedient (yes, she actually is) promptly picked up the lit flower pot in her hand without noticing that it had caught fire!!! What horror!!! We were terrified!! I finally just managed to flick it off her hand when it just started flowering out!!! PHEW!! I was shaking for a while after the incident.
We met up with all our cousins in the evening at my aunt's place to enjoy some fireworks. It was great fun.
Ok, now for my crafty updates. My friend had got me some lovely beads from Singapore. I made them into a necklace.
I'm quite happy with the way it has turned out. I have 4 more beads leftover. Am still thinking whether I should make a bracelet for myself or a necklace for Vaishnavi.

And yes, I do have a stitchy update. Well, actually a finish!!!Well, atleast the stitching is over. Now for the actual finishing up. I hope to complete that this weekend.
So, friends that's my update for the day. Thanks for stopping by and do leave your comments/suggestions behind. Love to come back to read them :)
Till my next update.. Take care.. Au revoir


P.C,Ramakrishnan said...

Vaishnavi looks great in her Deepavali dress and your Chocolate Walnut cake looks quite appetising.
We also had Gulab Jaman here and Charu also made Seven-cake which came out very well. Saradam made Ribbon and we bought some mixture too.

Meari said...

Glad Vaishnavi wasn't hurt. That was a close call! She looks cute in her dress.

After your story about your tailor, I was expecting a pic of you. LOL Maybe next time?

Congrats on your finish. :)

nima said...

wow..vashnavi looks pretty in her diwali dress...

sad that your tailor messed up your diwali dress...getting blouse stitched properly is all time all time excuse for not wearing a

your lavender sachet looks very pretty