Monday, November 1, 2010

More festivities and updates

With just 3 more days to go for Diwali, the excitement is really high. We can hear the crackers all over now. The display of beautiful fireworks is simply superb!!! The spirit is definitely higher this year than it has been the last few years.

Now, continuing my last post about Navrathri.. As is the custom, we do a Pooja to all our books, crafts, machineries, tools... just about anything on the 9th day, which is Saraswathi Pooja. On the following day, known as VijayaDasami, we take up our crafts with a new vigour and pray for victory in whatever we pursue.

On this day, it is considered very auspicious to take up any new activities. Children usually start their music/dance/arts/crafts lessons on this day.

So, I did not miss this opportunity to pick up my needle after the penance. Well mine was definitely more than the Devi's, which was just for 9 days!!! LOL.

And here's an update of my progressIt's not much, but am definitely happy I was able to put in atleast so much.

Also, I managed to try to run a few stitches on my sewing machine. But for some reason, the thread kept getting cut off!!! AAArrrgh.. It was so frustrating. Any tips as to why that would happen??!!

Last weekend I managed to complete a few jewellery for my aunt. She had these beads, which she wanted to be lengthened. She had a lovely bright green and blue. Here's what I did with the green ones

Do let me know your thoughts/suggestions on this one too.
I managed to complete the blue ones too last night. But by the time I completed it, it was almost 2am and was totally exhausted. So, could not take a picture of it yet.
See you very soon with all our diwali updates and loads of pictures. Wishing you all a very happy and safe diwali.
Till my next update.. Au Revoir.. Take Care. Do leave your comments.

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Meari said...

You made really good progress on your stitching. The beads are pretty.