Monday, June 6, 2011

And a Finish!!!

Hope everybody's been stitching a lot anf life has been good :)

Guess what, I really do have a finish this time!! This was really a quick one even by my standards!!

This was a freebie available from Manka's blog here. I had to change the brown, used for the flower pot, to a different one as I could not get the drab brown mentioned in the pattern. So, I used a shade from my stash. Though it's not too bad, probably it would have been better with the drab brown.

Now for me to actually "finish" it. I plan to use this on a tin.

I looked up various sites for tutorials on finishing into a round tin, but only found Altoid tins, which are rectangular. Any suggestions/ideas please??!!

Guess what, I now have 20 followers!! A very warm welcome to Thomas (could not find a blog), my good friends Radhika and Keerthi. Keerthi's a great cook and has just started a cookery blog of her own. You can view her simple yet tasty recipes here. Both Radhika and Keerthi are great cross stitchers. In fact, it is thanks to them that I am into cross stitch now, and am loving every moment of it :d

Thank you all sooo much for stopping by and more so for leaving your lovely comments. It's great to come back and read them all :d

Till my next post.. Take care.. Be happy.. Happy stitching.. Au Revoir


nima said...

Lovely stitching Akila.

I have done a round tin..will mail or will try to blog about the step

nima said...

akila, i don't have yur mail address. olease check tis link you might get an idea

Mylene said...

A very cute finish! And i am sure it will look lovely into the round tin.

..sorry can't help about the tutorial.

Meari said...

What a pretty finish. Congrats!

I would think you can still use the tutorials for the rectangular tin. The only difference is the shape.