Monday, June 27, 2011


Well, if you think that I've already finished the Quaker Welcome.. No way!!! What I mean is that I finally managed to put the round tin finish together.
 That's an inside-out view of the tin.

 And that's the side profile. Overall I think it has turned out quite well. I think it still could have been a neater job than this one. Especially the folding of the fabric.

Took me a lot of courage to start working on this. But after this, am much more confident of finishing a few more like this.

 I went shopping last Saturday for some embellishments and findings for finishing up.  And look what I found!!
Am majorly thrilled with what I got. A small store had soo much in it!! They used to have buttons earlier, unfortunately they did not have any when I went.
Guess, what.. Birthday celebrations continued over the weekend as well. Look what I got from my SIL
 She gifted me this awesome William Morris book by Barbara Hammet!!! Am sooo in love with it and can't wait to stitch a few :d
Over the weekend I decided to "dress up" some of my new kurtas.
The pictures below are the before (on the left) and the after (right)

For some reason, the after and before pictures do not match. I do not remember if I changed the settings of my camera!!
 Both the "embellishments" I used were pairs of my old ear-rings. I especially love the magenta/pink one more. I just stitched on both the ear-rings on the kurtas for that extra touch.

And after a long time, I have some beading to show you too. This is a neck piece and a pair of ear-rings I made.. well, for myself!!
Wow, the weekend was definitely fulfilling!! Wish every weekend were like this :d

Hope my next update bring in more stitchy update.

Till then friends.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir


Meari said...

Wow, great stuff! Your tin turned out beautifully as did all your other projects. Way to go!

Mylene said...

Well done on finishing the tin.

What lovely gifts received and oh i love beadings you made, beautiful colour chosen.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful works!

nima said...

looks beautiful akila...

a small tip...just browse for making yoyo....cut a card piece in the size of the tin lid and make a yoyo putting card will give perfect finishing for edge...same thing you can do for the bottom of the tin...hope this will help for next attempt