Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TUSAL and some beading

Hello dear friends. It's getting reaaalllly hot in Chennai now. Today the mercury is at 90, and it's not even the hottest summer yet. Dread what May is going to bring in

So, with that, let me show you some home made ice "lollies" that V and I made
We made some thick and syrupy orange tang and poured them into ice trays as we did not have the ice molds. And had it topped with hershey's chocolate syrup, boy was it yummm :)

I worked on some more bead projects last weekend
I made this with dark brown crystals and gold beads. This is for my cousin again.

 Here's a closer look at the necklace.

 This one here is for V to wear for the wedding that's coming up next week. She's extremely thrilled about it and wants bracelet and ear-rings to go with this!!!

I totally forgot that last week was new moon :( Here's my TUSAL for the month
All threads are from the cottage SAL. I have not been working on anything else since Jan.

And last but not least, look what arrived!!!
Yep, April and May are here. Now I better start working on March!!!!

With that my dear friends, I take leave from you for now. Thank you all soooo much for stopping by and leaving behind your comments :)
Till we meet again.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir


Anonymous said...


Those ice lollies look lovely!
lovely new cottage stash.
Your necklaces are beautiful!

Meari said...

Yummy lollies! If you wanted to make popscicles, you could put plastic wrap over the trays and poke in a toothpick before freezing. :)

Beautiful necklaces! I love the first one.

Oooh, new stash... Enjoy!