Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A jinxed start

What else can I say about March start, but a jinxed one?! I had to start it over thrice and I think (and hope) am going to be 3rd time lucky
The first time, I had started it too much to the right, so frogged it all out and centered it. 2nd time it was too much on top of the fabric as compared to Jan and Feb. So, no this time I did not frog it, but retained the line, and re-started it a 3rd time. Without any further ado, here is where March is as of now
But all said, doesn't it look pretty. Am already loving the colors. Hope to finish this fast and get started with April.
We had a wedding in the family last week, it was my cousin's. The wedding took place in my native town of Trichy. I went there after years and what nostalgia
Let me share some of the moments with you all
This was the first sight that welcomed us near the hotel we stayed. Isn't he beautiful
That's the Rockfort temple from a distance. To view the deity we have to climb over a 100 very steep steps. But finally when we do reach there, it's beautiful to just be there on top of the rock there.
This is the main entrance to the Srirangam temple, known as the Raaja Gopuram.
No wedding post is complete without a picture of V :) Beside her is my cousin's daughter, V's best pal
Another one of V :)
I also made a necklace for myself to wear during the wedding
After all the family fun and activity, hope to get back to my cottages with full vigour

Till my next update my dear friends.. Take care.. Be happy.. Keep stitching.. Au Revoir


Meari said...

Beautiful wedding clothing and necklace. Glad to see 3rd time's the charm... and Yes, it's beautiful too.

Anonymous said...


Beautiful wedding photos - your necklace is beautiful.
I love the elephant!

Your March cottage is looking lovely. Hope it is 3rd time lucky for you.

Happy weekend.